How cmlabs Keeps SEO Plans & Implementation Gap
Cover image: The illustration of SEO planning done by cmlabs. The plan and implementation sometime create a gap. But, here is how cmlabs keep that gap as close as possible.

Commonly, a too-good plan has the potential to create a gap with its realization. It even tends to have a negative result. Then, how does cmlabs keep the plan running according to its implementation?

Main Issue

1. When the realization is not as it is planned, the closest loss is unmaximized SEO costs and time;

2. But, indeed, making your own plans is not an easy thing. In the context of SEO planning it requires an in-depth understanding of the technical and business sides;


It's true that we still have to prioritize this topic. So far, cmlabs is trying to narrow down the gap between the plans and their implementation, so that it meets the expectation. Of course, we consider it a difficult problem to solve, because of the complex measurement and justification.


So how do we solve this issue? We understand that in SEO, the result is the main goal.

First Layer

In a certain condition, we have to abandon the plans and make new ones achieve the agreed results. Moreover, the business sector such as SEO services become a dynamic place. It depends on the search engines, therefore optimization activities must be done.

Then, our specialists' activities must be reported and need approval from the relevant parties. We always emphasize this activity, so that when the expected process meets the initial plan, we already know it. 

Second Layer

In the next layer, we always make sure that every SEO specialist for a particular client must be the one in charge. As a company that prioritizes quality and results, cmlabs regularly ensures that every team involved in any project must understand that time is the most important investment. If the time is neglected, important moments may be missed. So, material losses will be incurred if this bad habit remains.

Third Layer

In the next layer, the strategic team must have priority over all websites and clients we work for. It will remind us that in a certain period there are clients who do not meet their expectations. So, additional action is needed.

This information will be conveyed by the strategist team through their communication channel and also during our weekly internal meetings.

Fourth Layer

We have individuals who fill mid-management positions. This position has the authority to remind, warn, and carry out special executions which are generally important. cmlabs has a regular schedule every quarter through Town-hall meetings to evaluate the achievements of their respective teams. This agenda allows us to know each other's achievements from teams to individuals or specialists. So, the monitors that we apply are layered and the gap between the plan and the realization can be narrowed.

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This is our effort to be more transparent about the SEO process within the team. We will periodically review the work of every team and individual. As an SEO company with long-term goals, we are in the improvement process.


Some processes in writing are based on the author's knowledge (from books, scientific and non-scientific online writings, and work experience). In this writing, we do not claim that the content is flawless, free from inconsistent information, and does not draw questions or skepticism. If the author finds an error, he will update the writing. And if the author gets a correction to his previous understanding, he will also update it.


One of the goals of this article indeed is to create more exposure for cmlabs in search engine search results concerning the targeted keywords and to capture readers who want to understand this topic further on the social media platforms we use. If you could not find the answers to problems related to the topic of this article, please consult our marketing team.

Rochman Maarif

Rochman Maarif

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