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Win Ramadan Marketing with an Online Promotion Platform
Cover image: Illustration of online promotional media for businesses with SEO strategies

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Business marketing strategies evolve along with advances in technology. So do not be surprised if online promotional media is often used to market business products or services.

There are many options for promoting your business online, especially during special times of the year such as Ramadan.

From the use of social media to paid advertising, all of these media can generate real profits for business owners.

One of the business promotion channels that can be used to reduce marketing costs during Ramadan is SEO.

Before discussing further about SEO, consider some basic information about online promotional media and the right choices for business marketing during Ramadan.

Learn about Online Promotion Platforms

An online promotion platform is a marketing channel to introduce a business's products or services. This promotional activity is carried out online using sophisticated technology.

With this promotional media, business owners can plan marketing strategies, implement these plans, and facilitate customer service.

This digital marketing strategy is increasingly being used by businesses. This is because the number of active internet users in Indonesia is also increasing every year.

Internet access that is available anywhere facilitates the product marketing process without location or time barriers.

With an online promotion platform, sales activities during Ramadan can be more optimal. Be it from morning to night, all transactions can be done easily.

Conducting marketing activities through this digital platform presents advantages that cannot be obtained from offline promotions, such as:

  • Finding the right potential customers
  • Build brand awareness quickly
  • Accommodate input and suggestions from consumers
  • Get accurate transaction data after the promotion
  • Makes it easy to measure campaign success
  • Helping business people make decisions going forward

Google as an Online Promotion Platform During Ramadan

google as an online promotion platform
Figure 1: An overview of business search optimization via Google 

Generally, internet users search for information through search engines. By typing a search query, the desired information will be displayed on the search results page (SERP).

Not only informative content, but searches on Google can also be aimed at things that are transactional in nature as well.

Through Google search, users are able to find information about almost anything.

Here, Google becomes a container that accommodates content from various sources in various business niches.

In the process, Google has also developed online promotion platforms to help businesses significantly increase their online presence in the SERPs.

Here are the two types of platforms for business promotion that can be used on Google:

Google Business Profile

google business profile
Figure 2: A display of Google Business Profile for online business owners

As a place to gather information for all search purposes, Google provides a platform to meet the needs of business transactions in cyberspace.

Google Business Profile is one of the tools provided by Google to help business people manage and optimize their business profiles on Google.

The business identity shown here will be different from most websites' sources of informative content.

In practice, Google Business Profile is integrated with Google Maps, which is able to show store locations or business operational areas.

To display this data, completeness and business profile validation are required. For this reason, businesspeople need to complete the following data:

  • Business name
  • Business location
  • Business category

This Google Business Profile is open so consumers can leave reviews, add photos, ask questions, and get answers.

In order to provide more complete information, the Business Profile may also be accompanied by information that Google collects from various sources.

As an online promotion platform, a Google Business Profile can benefit business people in the following ways.

  • Interact with consumers by responding to comments on the Business Profile
  • Highlight business performance in SERP
  • Gain business insights
  • Optimizing business with local SEO

Google Shopping

google shopping
Figure 3: Display of Google Shopping for online businesses

Google Shopping is a Google tool used to advertise business products or services. To use it, you need a budget for advertising.

This online promotion platform from Google provides various campaign options. Here, the data displayed is in the form of product images, prices, and links to business websites.

By providing specific information related to a business, consumers can shop more easily.

In order for this online marketing and promotional platform to work optimally, business people must first create Google Ads and Google Merchant Center accounts.

Ads will appear in the "Shopping" section of the SERP when the user enters keywords that are relevant to the product or service.

Business Website Optimization with Ramadan SEO Strategies

business website optimization with ramadan seo strategies
Figure 4: An overview of optimizing a business website with Ramadan SEO 

The month of Ramadan needs to be utilized optimally to improve business performance through online marketing.

Therefore, businesspeople need to optimize their websites based on an SEO strategy.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a website optimization activity with the hope that the website's ranking can increase in the SERP.

SEO is suitable for business people who are looking for online promotional media to market their products or services during Ramadan.

Online business promotion through SEO can be done if marketing needs include the following:

  • Products or services are requested by a large audience
  • Businesses have online competitors
  • Goods are allowed to be marketed through online marketing media
  • Reducing marketing costs without reducing its effectiveness
  • Want to constantly develop a website
  • Plan to carry out the same business for a long time

After identifying the needs of business marketing, it is also necessary to pay attention to several stages of promotion that can help your SEO strategy.

  1. Competitive analysis: analyzing competitors in the business niche they are involved in
  2. Technical audit: evaluating the technical sector of the website
  3. Website structure: develop an existing website structure
  4. Content production: presenting content that is relevant to the business niche
  5. Internal linking: adding links to transactional pages on the website
  6. Backlinks: optimization from outside the website through brand mentions in leading media

Implementing the steps above does take time. However, the positive effects of optimization carried out through SEO can be felt in the long term.

SEO for Ramadan is a marketing strategy that is suitable for business websites as an online promotion platform during this blessed month.

To help implement business promotion strategies online, you can use SEO services from experts in their fields.

By using SEO services, business people can plan a business promotion strategy in Ramadan in a measurable and objective way.

A marketing strategy with SEO does not require advertising budgets. In other words, optimization efforts only require a more affordable budget compared to promotions using paid advertisements.

SEO services can help increase website visibility, which will make it easier for the target audience to find your business on search results pages.

The easier it is for your business to be found on Google, the higher the chance for the target audience to convert into consumers.

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