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Which is covered in our company's terms of service, at cmlabs.

We acknowledge the possibility that you may intentionally or unintentionally disregard our Terms of Services. Nonetheless, it is imperative for us to reiterate several points, including; (1) What you can gain from our services and cmlabs SEO Tools; and (2) What we expect from you during their usage.

The ensuing information delineates the cmlabs ecosystem, the pertinent regulations governing our operations, and the validating factors we deem integral to its legitimacy. These Terms of Services are formulated with the intent to elucidate the regulatory framework and legal principles prevailing within the cmlabs ecosystem, particularly in the context of your company's engagement with our services and SEO Tools.

The Terms of Services at cmlabs encompass the following:

  • What you can expect from cmlabs: This entails elucidating how we provide, operate, and enhance our services.
  • What we expect from your company: This is delineated through specific rules governing the usage of cmlabs services.
  • Information and content within cmlabs services: This explains intellectual property rights concerning publicly accessible content, whether owned by you, our company, or third parties.
  • Specific issues or disputes between you and cmlabs: These pertain to legal rights you possess and the course of action should any individual within a particular organization breach these terms.

We consider the information pertaining to the Terms of Services on this page to be crucial for the understanding and comprehension of all involved parties. By utilizing the services and SEO Tools provided by cmlabs, any entity is deemed to have agreed to the terms we have established.

Furthermore, cmlabs also publishes a Privacy Policy. While this policy is distinct from the Terms of Services section, we advise thorough reading and comprehension concerning certain aspects related to your data and your company's data usage for specific purposes within our organization.

Service Provider

The services of cmlabs are provided by, and based on your contract with, PT cmlabs Indonesia Digital.

The cmlabs company is incorporated in DKI Jakarta and operates under Indonesian law.

The cmlabs company is located at Jalan Pluit Kencana Raya No. 63, Pluit, Kelurahan Penjaringan, North Jakarta, Special Capital Region of Jakarta, Postal Code 14450.

Age Requirements

We do not restrict the use of services and SEO Tools based on any specific age. When you consciously collaborate by using the services or utilizing both free and paid SEO Tools from cmlabs, you are the second party and cmlabs is the first party bound by legal responsibility based on joint accountability. cmlabs, as the service provider, will fulfill responsibilities according to the collaboration contract, and you or your specific company as the party in need of services have the obligation to settle payments according to the contract.


These Terms of Services help define the relationship between cmlabs and you or your company as the recipients of services and users of cmlabs' SEO Tools.

Regarding SEO Tools, cmlabs permits you to utilize all available tools upon your agreement to adhere to the terms and conditions we have established.

Regarding services, you need to understand the responsibilities and other terms outlined in the offer letter and payment letter. These terms are drafted based on needs and collaboration agreements that reflect how cmlabs is managed to generate profit.

What You Can Expect from Us

Receiving various services and tools within the cmlabs ecosystem that are beneficial for you and your company.


cmlabs provides various services governed by these Terms of Services, including:

  • SEO Services
  • SEO Content Writing Services
  • Expert Writing Services
  • Digital Media Buying
  • SEO for Political Campaigns

SEO Tools

cmlabs also offers various SEO Tools developed by our internal team and also governed by these Terms of Services, including:

  • SEO Tools
    • JSON-LD Generator - Breadcrumbs
    • JSON-LD Generator - FAQ Page
    • JSON-LD Generator - How-to
    • JSON-LD Generator - Job Posting
    • JSON-LD Generator - Person
    • JSON-LD Generator - Product
    • JSON-LD Generator - Recipe
    • JSON-LD Generator - Website
    • JSON-LD Generator - Local Business
    • JSON-LD Generator - Video
    • JSON-LD Generator - Event
    • JSON-LD Generator - Organization
    • Page Speed Test
    • Mobile Friendly Test
    • Word Counter
    • Title Length Checker
    • Breadcrumbs
    • Sitemap Generator
    • Robot.txt Generator
    • SSL Checker
    • Redirect Checker
    • Link Analyzer
    • Hreflang Checker
    • Technology Lookup
    • Keyword Permutation
    • SEO ToolsPlagiarism Checker
    • Ping Tool
    • HTTP Header Checker
    • Robots.txt Checker
    • SERP Simulator
    • Meta Generator

These services and SEO Tools are meticulously crafted to address the needs of both individuals and companies engaged in website development, management, and digital marketing endeavors within the digital sphere. 

 Each cmlabs tool is meticulously engineered using state-of-the-art technology and user interface specifications, facilitating seamless navigation through every service and SEO Tool page. 

Furthermore, certain SEO Tools may prompt browser notifications (with your explicit consent) via non-intrusive pop-ups, ensuring minimal disruption to your browsing experience on the cmlabs website.

Continual Improvement of Services

cmlabs is committed to investing time, resources, and innovative ideas to enhance our SEO Tools continuously. Our objective is to optimize the features and usability of cmlabs' SEO Tools to assist your activities effectively, and within our capabilities.

Concurrently, the cmlabs Research & Development team will evaluate your website usage data to provide appropriate recommendations to the website development team. 

While not every change within the cmlabs ecosystem can be publicly disclosed, we strive to update pertinent information through cmlabs' Press Release page. Additionally, other publication pages, such as the Blog, individual SEO Tool pages, and the main cmlabs webpage, contain relevant updates.

What We Expect from You

The permission granted by us to you and your company will persist as long as you fulfill your responsibilities. We seek mutually beneficial cooperation, where both parties support and strengthen each other.

Based on applicable terms and conditions, cmlabs asserts the following rights:

  • Periodically adjust the cmlabs Terms of Services.
  • Add specific terms and conditions related to direct requests on tool pages (for cmlabs' SEO Tools).
  • Incorporate additional terms and conditions not listed on this page (for cmlabs services).

It is imperative to understand that while we authorize your use of our services and SEO Tools, cmlabs rigorously upholds our intellectual property rights.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) encompass the rights to one's intellectual creations, whether individual, team, or organizational, including inventions (cmlabs patents), literary and artistic works (cmlabs copyrights), designs and symbols (cmlabs design rights), as well as names and images used in commerce (cmlabs trademarks).

Respect for Others

Certain cmlabs services allow you to interact with other parties within the organization. We strive to maintain an environment where mutual respect is upheld. Therefore, you are expected to adhere to the following norms of behavior:

  • Compliance with applicable laws, including penalties and statutes.
  • Respect for the rights of others, including privacy and intellectual property rights (IPR).
  • Avoidance of disparaging or harming individuals and organizations (e.g., refraining from misleading and deceptive practices using our data to defame reputations).
  • Prohibition against misuse of cmlabs services and SEO Tools.

Permission to Use Your Content

Some of our SEO Tools may require you to input and upload specific information through website pages and share your information with cmlabs. However, you are not obligated to provide any information or data to us.

You have the option to refrain from providing any information to cmlabs. If you choose to input certain information or share content, please ensure that you have the necessary rights to do so and that the sharing of such information or content complies with applicable laws.


We do not restrict the usage of services and SEO Tools provided by cmlabs. All parties, whether individuals, businesses, nonprofit organizations, or educational institutions, can avail themselves of our services.

If you are using our services on behalf of an organization, then:

  • An official representative of the organization must agree to these terms (please note that some services may require a written signature on paper).
  • For specific SEO Tools with designated accounts, administrators from your organization can establish additional rules based on their respective positions within the organization.

Communication Service Information

If you encounter difficulties using our services and SEO Tools, you can find further information on the following pages:

cmlabs does not provide services and products, nor does it authorize businesses/industries with high-risk implications, such as:

  • Fraud
  • Gambling
  • Pornography

All administrative processes and payments for the use of SEO Services, SEO Content Writing, and other services owned by cmlabs are only valid if conducted by PT cmlabs Indonesia Digital (first party) and your company (second party) through the accounts or website of PT cmlabs Indonesia Digital.

Conversely, all administrative processes related to SEO Services, SEO Content Writing, and other cmlabs services utilized by your company (second party) with members of the cmlabs Affiliate Marketing Program (third party) are deemed invalid if payments are made using accounts other than those of PT cmlabs Indonesia Digital.

cmlabs cannot provide Objective Key Results (OKR) regarding monthly organic traffic targets and ranking guarantees if you only subscribe to the SEO Service package without SEO Content Writing. This is due to the difficulty in ensuring the quality and timely publication of articles if they are not written by the cmlabs team. This monitoring challenge can impede growth or even result in no traffic increase at all.


Some of our SEO Tools allow you to store data such as keywords, organizational accounts, activity logs, and more.

SEO Tools

We record all your activities on the website. We analyze the stored data, and the results will be forwarded to the marketing department as supporting information. This information can help us understand your needs and address issues that arise on the website, tools, and services we offer.

If necessary, we may also use this information to create justifications to be sent to you. The next steps will be left to you. If you feel that action is necessary, please send a message to our marketing team and discuss this further. If there is no feedback at 2 levels, level 1: 30 days and level 2: 60 days, then we will proceed to the next analysis.


In our services, which include SEO Services, SEO Content Writing Services, Expert Writing Services, Digital Media Buying, and SEO for Political Campaigns, we will require considerable information about your company.

SEO Services: In this services, we will request access to your Google Search Console and Google Analytics accounts from you and your company. Here, we ensure the security of your data, and we will not misuse it because the cmlabs team is responsible for accessing and managing Google Search Console and Google Analytics data.

SEO Content  Writing Services: In SEO Content Writing Services, we will not request personal data from your company. However, we will need access to your website if we are asked to upload content in the form of articles on your website.

Expert Writing Services: In the use of Expert Writing Services, we will not request personal information from your company. However, we will need access to your website if we are asked to upload content in the form of articles on your website.

Digital Media Buying: In Digital Media Buying Services, we will not request personal data from your company. We will only create content and collaborate with online media/bloggers to upload that content on their platforms.

SEO for Political Campaigns: In SEO for Political Campaigns, we will request data from your company and some legal documents, such as NPWP (tax identification number). However, we will not misuse the documents provided to us. We will only use them internally.


The services we offer at cmlabs are related to SEO activities aimed at assisting your website in achieving better positions and traffic with the help of SEO Tools.

Additionally, to enhance your experience while using SEO Tools, we will directly assist you if any issues or difficulties arise.

Services at cmlabs

The services available at cmlabs include:

  • SEO Services
  • SEO Content Writing Services
  • Expert Writing Services
  • Digital Media Buying
  • SEO for Political Campaigns

SEO Tools by cmlabs

The SEO Tools at cmlabs are designed to facilitate website optimization on search engines. 

These tools can be used free of charge without registration, making it easier for Website Developers and Content Writers to conduct checks, optimizations, or other activities.

Data Collection from Third Parties

cmlabs reserves the right to gather personal data or information from third-party entities (agents, suppliers, contractors, vendors, partners, and other authorized representatives). In specific instances, billing procedures will be initiated subsequent to confirmation/instructions provided by you concerning the involved third party. The collected data may encompass:

  • Information sourced from third-party platforms whenever you establish links, connections, or create accounts on websites through third-party services, which are directed towards profile particulars and registrations duly authorized through your account settings.
  • Data acquired from your organization if it is registered for our corporate services, subject to approval by your company's management.
  • Financial data and registration history, access details, and linkages concerning your payment cards, loan products, insurance, as well as other financial service products or accounts accessed through our website. Such data encompasses (but is not limited to) payment card or account transaction histories, account particulars and mappings, account statuses, and statuses from relevant payment or financial service providers or other pertinent third parties.

Personal Information from Third Parties Provided by You

It is imperative to note that not only can third parties furnish us with your data, but you may also provide us with their personal data. However, in such instances, it is incumbent upon you to ensure that the obtained data has been duly authorized by the relevant third party. This obligation should be undertaken in adherence to the terms stipulated regarding the collection, usage, disclosure, and processing of third-party data by cmlabs.

cmlabs services are intended to facilitate the management, resolution of challenges, and optimization of websites on search engines. Our team is committed to assisting you in fulfilling your objectives and achieving your desired targets.

SEO Services

SEO Services are offerings provided by cmlabs aimed at assisting you in optimizing your website, particularly focusing on on-page aspects. Through this service, we undertake website audits, identify technical issues, provide SEO strategy recommendations, conduct keyword research for optimization activities, develop editorial plans, project timelines, web traffic projections, and schema markup, as well as provide regular weekly and monthly reports regarding website optimization progress.

SEO Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Optimizing every article present on the client's website.
  • Creating outlines and editing each article generated by cmlabs or clients within a project.
  • If necessary, the Developer team from cmlabs will provide support, but only for activities related to website performance optimization associated with SEO; any additional activities will be subject to charges.
  • If required, keyword research for second-party PPC activities is included in the SEO service. However, this activity will be limited to 15 keywords across the entire project.
  • Support from the cmlabs Developer team is also available if you require experts for website creation, improvement, page empowerment, and graphic design activities.
  • The addition of backlinks will incur charges. We will provide cost ranges according to your business needs.

SEO Content Writing

SEO Content Writing Service is a production service for quality articles that meet SEO standards and are tailored to your business niche and branding. You can make specific requests regarding the word count, publication schedule, publication frequency, and writing style of the articles produced to support the positive image, authority, and branding of your company.

SEO Content Writing includes, but is not limited to:

  • For press release placements, marketing publications, and marketing campaigns (requested by the second party) totaling less than 5 content pieces, cmlabs will provide them for free with a maximum of 500 words and a minimum project duration of 8 months. However, if this agreement applies, each activity will replace 5 scheduled contents in the editorial plan, thereby reducing the number of articles published on the website.
  • cmlabs will charge additional fees if the second party requests more than five contents and more than 500 words beyond the previously agreed articles.
  • Backlink writing services will be charged per content.

Expert Writing

Expert Writing Service helps you produce high-quality articles that align with SEO standards and are strengthened by expert authentication. Similar to SEO Content Writing, you can make specific requests regarding the writing style, publication schedule, and frequency of article publications to better align with your company's branding.

The scope of Expert Writing Service includes:

  • For press release placements, marketing publications, and marketing campaigns (requested by the second party) totaling less than 5 content pieces, cmlabs will provide them for free with a maximum of 500 words and a minimum project duration of 8 months. However, if this agreement applies, each activity will replace 5 scheduled contents in the editorial plan, thereby reducing the number of articles published on the website.
  • cmlabs will charge additional fees if the second party requests more than five contents and more than 500 words beyond the previously agreed articles.
  • Backlink writing services will be charged per content.

Digital Media Buying

Digital Media Buying is divided into 2 sub-services: Backlink and PR/Branding. Our backlink service is further divided into two categories: Backlinks to National Media and Backlinks to Bloggers.

Backlink to Indonesian National Media is a service designed to enhance your business's reputation through articles published in online media such as Detik.com, Liputan6, CNN, CNBC, Kompas, Tempo, Tirto.ID, The Jakarta Post, iNews, and others. 

This service aims to increase brand awareness and business visibility by providing backlinks to credible sites. We can assist you in creating articles for publication or connecting you with Indonesian national media. The backlink service incurs charges for each targeted keyword. You can utilize this service when facing challenges in improving your site's ranking in search engine results within a specific timeframe.

Backlink to Bloggers is a service aimed at helping your business achieve higher rankings in search engine results through mentions on national blogs. However, we have strict specifications for each placement, including:

  • Website relevance or having relevant keywords to target.
  • Domain age.
  • Article publication activity.
  • Negative keyword density (minimum below 3%).
  • Commitment to backlink publication accessible for a minimum of 12 months.
  • Possessing domain authority aligned with our specifications.

At the domain-wide level, the number of backlinks must align with our competitors' backlink activities. All content used for backlink activities must be written by cmlabs.

PR/Branding is a service that assists your brand in obtaining brand mentions or mentions in top-tier media. This service is intended to enhance brand exposure through positive and relevant narratives tailored to promotional needs.

At a certain level (high backlink activity), the placement process will be spread across various media outlets, such as (a) Bloggers, (b) High-Quality Media, (c) Major Media Outlets, (d) Local Media, (e) User-Generated Content (UGC) Sites, (f) Educational Websites, (g) Government Websites, and others (with strict specifications and measurements for each activity involving any external parties). At this stage, a larger budget is required, and we seek understanding from all parties involved regarding the impact and outcomes.

Please consider the following points regarding our backlink services:

  • cmlabs does not guarantee that backlink placements will directly impact page rankings in any search engine results.
  • While we strive diligently with this activity internally, we cannot guarantee what might occur if external teams report backlink activities to Google, potentially resulting in Google penalizing the associated sites. We are not liable if the worst-case scenario occurs.
  • At a certain level, this activity requires us to distribute backlinks to numerous bloggers, online publishers, and UGC websites to make the backlink activity as organic as possible. In this regard, we may require a larger budget for these backlink placements.

SEO for Political Campaign

SEO for Political Campaign combines all cmlabs services, namely SEO Services, SEO Content Writing, and Media Buying. This package is designed for political campaign activities by presenting content about the party and its candidates, based on their vision, on search engines or in supporting parties and individuals for any political events/campaigns.

Clients may choose to use only one service from the SEO package we offer. However, we recommend clients opt for the complete SEO package to achieve optimal results.


We trust that you have diligently reviewed these Terms of Services. By accessing the website or utilizing cmlabs' services and SEO Tools, you acknowledge and consent to adhere to all applicable regulations and terms.


We reserve the right to modify, replace, add, or remove these Terms of Services at any time in accordance with applicable regulations. You are bound by any such changes, so it is advisable to periodically review this page to ensure you are aware of the most current Terms of Services.

Certain services or SEO Tools on the cmlabs website, such as pages where you can upload and input data, may have guidelines and regulations consistent with these Terms of Services.


Penalty Provisions


  1. The above limitations The above penalties will be enforced if errors originate from the cmlabs team with a maximum penalty period of 3 months. If the OKRs are achieved in the 2nd month of the penalty, then cmlabs will no longer provide SEO Services and SEO Article Writing for free.
  2. Penalties will not be applied if the majority of OKRs are successfully achieved at 100% and the remainder achieves a success rate of 90%. For example:
    • Client A collaborates with cmlabs for 12 months, and the final results are:
      • Objective 1 = achieved 100%
      • Objective 2 = achieved 100%
      • Objective 3 = achieved 90%
      • Objective 4 = achieved 100%
    • Client B collaborates with cmlabs for 8 months, and the final results are:
      • Objective 1 = achieved 90%
      • Objective 2 = achieved 100%
      • Objective 3 = achieved 90%
      • Objective 4 = achieved 100%
  3. cmlabs cannot impose penalties if the issue is caused by Google algorithm updates.
  4. cmlabs will not provide refunds if there is a decrease in demand/search volume in a niche (cmlabs will provide data to support evidence that demand/search volume has decreased). This condition applies if:
    • cmlabs has previously provided alternative SEO strategies but the objectives related to search volume have not changed.
    • cmlabs successfully provides data evidence to support the cause of project failure.
  5. The penalty mentioned above will not be enforced if the error originates from the Client's side (such as delayed response, late approval of articles to be produced, failure to complete technical SEO tasks according to the agreed schedule, including the recurrence of technical issues that have already been resolved due to technical factors from the Client).


  1. If within 3 months from the penalty period (where SEO & SEO Article Writing services have been penalized), cmlabs still fails to achieve the OKRs, then cmlabs shall provide a refund with the following conditions:
    • A refund of 10% of the total service price for 2 months, if the project duration is from 8 months to 11 months.
    • A refund of 20% of the total service price for 2 months, if the project duration is 12 months and/or more.
  2. Refund Simulation
    cmlabs commits to handling SEO activities for company X, comprising SEO & SEO Article Writing services for 12 months. The total monthly service price = IDR30,000,000. 
    • Service price details per month = SEO Service IDR20,000,000; SEO Article Writing IDR10,000,000.
    • Total service price for the 12-month project = IDR360,000,000.
    • If, subsequent to the penalty period, the Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) remain unfulfilled, falling below the threshold of 90%, the reimbursement shall be calculated as 20% of the aggregate service price for two months. Please refer to the exemplification provided below:
    • The total service price for 2 months is IDR60,000,000. Therefore, 20% x IDR60,000,000 = IDR12,000,000. Hence, the refund received is IDR12,000,000.

Note: The refund scenario above applies to the SEO Service & SEO Article Writing service package as these services are directly responsible for client OKR targets. On the other hand, cmlabs does not provide a refund calculation scenario for the SEO Article Writing service alone as this service does not have specific OKRs. For further details on “PENALTIES FOR CMLABS CLIENTS," please contact [email protected].

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