The Beta Version of cmlabs 3.0 is Completely Launched

Written by cmlabs, Jul 18 2022

cmlabs is thrived to announce its product's beta version release. cmlabs 3.0, previously referred to as cmlabs Analytics, is now accessible and ready to help users all over the world to track their potential keywords and website performance. Previously, cmlabs has summed up all questions and the answers regarding the third version of Keyword Ranking Tracker here.

In this Beta Version, we are very open to any kind of suggestion and feedback for future development. cmlabs team is committed to continuously evaluating their product to meet user needs on a global scale.

cmlabs 3.0 is a web analytics tool that gives you a new way of receiving information and analytical results related to your website from an SEO marketing perspective. The website analytics results produced by this tool are quite complete and presented in an attractive, easy-to-understand visualization.

The recently launched tool offers you nearly real-time data with high accuracy. cmlabs 3.0 has vastly improved its system to provide data for SEO specialists, business owners, and digital marketers in monitoring their keywords and SEO. Take a look at its exceptional features and how it can help you:

Keyword Ranking Tracker

Keyword Ranking Tracker helps you track keyword positions and compare them with competitors' to get the best strategy to win the market. Our system serves you the latest ranking data since the crawler performs daily crawling to see how your targeted keywords perform in the search engine. 

Multi-Regional Keyword Tracking

If you target more than one region, cmlabs 3.0 can help you track your keywords all over the globe. The multi-regional keyword tracking enables you to monitor the performance of your keywords on the global market.

View Management

This feature is useful for those of you who have a large keyword tracking list and several niches. With the View feature, you can group several keywords based on certain categories. The View feature contains commands for categorizing data that is stored with a certain name so that users can more easily see the results of keyword tracking.

Easy Team Management System

Users can create or join multiple teams at once. cmlabs understand that you might have multiple teams and handle a number of SEO projects. Hence, this feature will help you create a more efficient team collaboration.

Multi-domain Management

You do not have to purchase cmlabs 3.0 on each domain you have. It enables you to have multiple domains in a single account. It helps you save more money because all you need is one tool, cmlabs 3.0. With this feature, you can easily handle your multi-regional domains and perform competitor analysis.

Pay As You Go Payment Scheme

cmlabs 3.0 payment uses a pay-as-you-go scheme. This payment scheme is adapted from the previous version since cmlabs wants to provide high-quality products at affordable prices, especially for the Indonesian market and its surroundings. We are confident that this is the best payment scheme to meet users' needs.

You only need to pay for the keywords that are tracked and there is no minimum keyword limit. This scheme allows all business levels to make their SEO tools budget even more efficient. Whether it is the enterprise level or small-to-medium enterprise is able to afford a reasonable price for each keyword.


The above features are now available worldwide and cmlabs is proud to invite you to enjoy a year of a free trial and no credit card is needed. As it said, this version is an open door for suggestions and your feedback means a lot for the product development.

Please visit cmlabs 3.0 page and register yourself to enjoy the free trial. You can also contact our marketing team for further discussion regarding our product.

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