Introduction and Q&A To Keyword Ranking Tracker The Third Version
Cover image: an illustration of keyword ranking tracker developed by the cmlabs team. Here are the questions and the answer regarding this product
Figure 1 : The 3rd version of the cmlabs Keyword Ranking Tracker application interface. This article will discuss what's new in this version, then what we will do with version 2. All wrapped in a question and answer session. This is the cooperation of the Developer team and the Marketing team.

Next month, in April 2022 we will launch the latest version (third version, 3.0) of the web Keyword Ranking Tracker App.

Content and Questions

Soon we will be making an official publication explaining every detail of the new features and other actions we are taking to improve the app's capabilities to help users, especially SEO specialists. We publish this article as an introduction. The approach we use is a question-and-answer session. We are aware that it cannot answer everything, but we will focus on the priorities and what is most important for the public to know.

1). Is this the full version release of the product?

No. This is the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) version. With the workload of our Developer team on this third version of the Keyword Ranking Tracker product, we decided to make it a module. We will publish the application release by module. In this phase or phase 1, we will release (a) Rank, (b) Payment, and (c) Team Management modules.

Check out what modules we will be working on, via this link.

We will soon update the release phase information on this page, at least before we launch phase 1 in April this year.

2). I am a cmlabs application user on version 2, will my data be intact and migrated to this version?

We apologize if we can't make a complete migration of your data. You can't see historical data tracking keyword version 2 to this latest version. However, version 2 of this application will remain available, until we claim the transition to be 100% complete on January 2023 at the latest.

You need to know, as compensation for the users in the second version, we will provide a balance of IDR 500 thousand to a maximum of IDR 10 million to account owners who have been active for at least 6 months before the release. We will calculate the number of keywords that you enter into the application and the period of time when crawling is enabled. 

We will soon make a calculation simulation through this content section, we will make an update no later than May 2022.

3). How about the Android version of cmlabs 2?

The application will still be available, on the same schedule as the web version, i.e. we will take it down no later than January 2023.

  • Same with the web version, the data in version 3 is not related to version 2;
  • We will stop crawling on this version by August 2022;
  • Compensation remains the same because version 2 on the web and android uses the same balance system;

4). What's new in the third version of cmlabs?

Before showing the detail of what's new, I'll attach some background to why we finally had to develop version 3.

We encountered serious issues with version 2. Our tracking system was not able to work on a larger number of keywords (crawls are equivalent to 10 thousand keywords per day). The next issue is the logic of the calculation. The information we provided to users was not capable of consistently providing accurate results. The limitations of the framework, database technology, and programming language in the second version are the main topics. After a long analysis and evaluation, we decided to remake the main system of the cmlabs product. Everything we build from files without code.
If you have a complaint regarding data, please send the note and complaint to this email We will follow up on the matter as soon as possible.

Figure 2: Account settings page on the team management sub-menu. With the team management feature, it allows users to have multiple teams and manage multiple SEO projects across different companies. This guide is relevant for SEO Agencies or advanced SEO Specialists who have a lot of SEO or freelance work.

So, the things that are new in version 3, broadly include:

No. What's new on V3Explanation
1Crawling systemability, accuracy, and capacity to be significantly improved;
2New Additional FeaturesWhen the third version is 100% released, it will allow companies to have more accurate SEO advice, and work on a larger scale, without the help of SEO specialists. Through kanbans that automatically provide suggestions, Product teams or Business Owners can make direct orders to teams other than SEO, to work on to-do lists that are automatically generated by cmlabs. Justification and method of execution of SEO work will be clearly attached, thus enabling SEO work not to require advanced SEO specialists.
3Ablility to crawl all languages and countries supported by Googleversion 3 allows multinational companies to track all keywords in all countries. Even when a country has several languages, such as Indonesia, it can be done if Google also has a search page for that language and country.
4New Interface optimizing the simple viewwe are aware of the complexity of the modules in version 3. If this is not well-handled, then our application demands users with a higher level of intelligence. To make more users use our apps, we have to simplify each module and its features by not throwing smart results for every SEO problem found by the cmlabs app automated system.
5No domain limits, members, and team management support in one accountOur team management module is launched to target users such as marketing agencies and other agencies that can offer SEO services. In other words, this feature will target a wider range of cmlabs application users, including SEO specialists, product managers, business owners, marketing teams, global companies, small and medium-sized businesses, marketing agencies, and web development agencies.

Table 1: New features in cmlabs version 3

5). Has the pricing system in version 3 changed?

In general, our pricing system doesn't change, it's still using a pay-as-you-go scheme with a fee of IDR1800 per keyword. However, the features will be much more complete than in the previous version. However, some of our modules will have a new payment system, such as the Site Audit module, Keyword Suggestion, and SEO Recommendation.

6). Can I access version 3 of the app today?

Of course. We have published the latest beta version of the application via this URL:

Please register with your email, create a team and enter all the keywords you need to track. We currently have no limit on the number of keywords you can submit to the cmlabs crawl system. However, when this product is released, we will delete all your data, including the account data, teams, and members in each team that you submit.

How do I discuss technical or business matter with the cmlabs team?

We have a PIC for every topic you can discuss,

  • Rifqi Ardhian, Developer (core) Lead — contact Rifqi if you want to discuss at the technical level or application technology version 3;
  • Larasati Devi, Marketing Lead — contact Ms. Laras related to cooperation and further information about the packages and prices we have;

If the topic that you need to discuss is outside the three discussion categories above, please send a message to;

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Revealing what's new in the third version of cmlabs Keyword Ranking Tracker. Then we made some response actions to historical data in the previous version, namely cmlabs version 2. For the rest, we prepared things we needed to set specifications, so that version 3 can be released on schedule and the transition of version 2 goes well.


Some processes in writing are based on the author's knowledge (from books, scientific and non-scientific writings online, and work experience). At this writing, we do not claim that the content is flawless, free from inconsistent information, and does not drive questions or skepticism. If the author finds an error, then the author will update the writing. If the author gets a correction to his previous understanding, then the author will also update it.

Yuliana Kusumawati

Yuliana Kusumawati

Note: We have attached some of the most common questions asked by users below, along with their answers. To use the cmlabs Keyword Ranking Tracker application, you don't need to request for a quote from marketing. Please click login to the application.

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