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What Are Edu Backlinks? Definition & Effect on Ranking

Last updated: Jun 21, 2024

What Is Edu Backlink?

Do you know what an edu backlink is? In simple terms, edu or .edu backlinks are backlinks that come from websites with the .edu domain extension. 

This domain extension is usually used by websites of educational institutions, such as colleges, universities, and so on. 

For your information, a backlink is a link from another site that points to your website. Backlinks can increase the authority and reputation of a website, its pages, and its content. 

Backlinks can also help users find information that is not available on the original website. Due to this reason, search engines like Google see backlinks as one of the indicators of quality content. 

Edu backlinks are considered to play an important role in increasing the domain authority of a website because .edu or education domains are considered to have high credibility and authority. 

Therefore, if your website gets backlinks from .edu domains, it can support the credibility of your website. 

That way, if your website gets a backlink from an .edu domain, then it can support the credibility of your website. 

In Indonesia itself, an example of an edu backlink is a backlink from the .ac.id domain, which is often used by universities here. For the .edu extension, you can find it on the websites of overseas universities. 

Although it is considered to increase the credibility of the website, getting edu backlinks is not easy. Universities are very selective when it comes to publishing their content and choosing those who are eligible for backlinks. 

For this reason, it is important for you to increase the value of your website and content in order to get edu backlinks.


Why Are People Looking for Edu Backlinks?

Now that you already know what edu backlinks are, let's learn the reasons why edu backlinks are sought after by many businesses. Here are some reasons why edu backlinks are important:

  • High authority and credibility: Edu backlinks are considered reputable and more credible by search engines. 
  • Can target the right demographics: Some organizations and businesses target a specific audience so getting backlinks from educational sites is important. 
  • Impacts Domain Authority: Quality edu backlinks can have a favorable impact on your website's domain authority as it enhances its reputation. 
  • More exclusive: Getting edu backlinks is not as easy as getting backlinks in other ways because educational sites are more selective and have stricter conditions. 
  • Avoid black-hat SEO: Educational websites have processes that tend to be clean from rank manipulation so edu backlinks are considered to avoid black-hat SEO practices. 
  • Get a diversified backlink profile: Getting backlinks from various types of domains can get a diversified backlink profile that will be beneficial for long-term SEO efforts.


Can Edu Backlink Affect Search Engine Ranking?

Getting an edu backlink can help you increase a website's domain authority due to its credibility. However, there is no concrete evidence that an edu backlink is one of the ranking factors in search engines. 

Although search engines like Google use backlinks and domain authority as two ranking factors, it does not mean that edu backlinks can automatically improve rankings. 

Edu backlinks do provide additional authority to your website, but you still need to prioritize the quality and relevance of the backlinks you get over the domain origin. 

Additionally, Google also uses many factors other than edu backlinks to rank a website, so using edu backlinks is not the only factor that determines ranking on search engines. 

In addition, you should also not buy or comment on .edu websites because these links do not add any value to your website. Websites with .edu domains are also not necessarily the most superior among other domains. 

To improve search engine rankings, you should focus on content quality, technical SEO, and the E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) aspects that are one of Google's standards of judgment. 


How to Get Edu Backlinks

You have already learned what an edu backlink is and the benefits it brings. Although edu backlinks cannot directly improve rankings in search engines, you can still use them on your website. 

The ways to get edu backlinks are as follows:

  • Establish cooperation with educational institutions: You can establish partnerships with educational institutions, such as offering valuable content or resources that are useful to them. 
  • Using white-hat SEO practices: To maintain the credibility of your business, avoid manipulation. Instead, you can use white-hat SEO that is guaranteed to be safe and in line with Google's guidelines. 
  • Become an educational resource for guest lectures or seminars: You can offer yourself or someone at the company to be a guest speaker at a class or seminar. Then, you can request a backlink in return. 
  • Create valuable content: To gain credibility, you have to make sure the content is relevant and valuable to educational institutions. 
  • Provide guest articles for educational sites: You can be a guest writer on an educational institution's blog or website, potentially earning backlinks. 
  • Using backlink search tools: You can use various tools to search for opportunities to get edu backlinks. 
  • Creating informative infographics: In addition to creating useful content, you can also create infographics that can then be offered by the backlinking team.
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