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No company should have an unclear direction and immeasurable market projections for product niche. cmlabs will help the enterprise identify the technical side, make plans and projections of your startup website. Go check your needs below here.
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Create precise and flexible SEO activity
Developed for multilingual market
Secure your organic market lifecycle
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Notes — cmlabs Analytics (SERPs Tracker) helps ensure that enterprises follow the search engine guidelines baked into company pipelines all the way from the first line of marketing activities. Our actions allow you to have better approach into technical and strategical SEO planning. Tap into advance level of organic marketing for your amazing company from now.

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CMLABS teams developed some tools to boost marketing activities - more specifically in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The tools are free and unlimited.

These tools is beneficial for those who work in the fields of: SEO, Content Writing, Digital Marketing in general, Web Developer, and Business Owner.

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Last update at Mar 30, 2021
What is SEO Consultant?

SEO is Google's method of deciding which pages to be ranked highly with each keyword inserted into its search engine. It is easy for Google to keep its search results fair with SEO. It would be exceedingly difficult to manipulate the search results as a result of this act. Hard work and a user-friendly website equate with strong search engine scores, so if the blog satisfies these standards, you will have a greater chance of showing in the results. With this, there is a consultant SEO that aims to win over this search engine.

There are many SEO based companies that have started offering their services and products to website users. An SEO consultant is a service that offers discussion, planning, making projections, making strategies, and having a consultation about SEO stuff with SEO specialists. With this consultant service, the company will be guided in determining SEO strategies that will increase the visibility and traffic of their website, so it can appear on the first page of search engines.

What is cmlabs SEO Consultant?

cmlabs SEO consultant services are SEO consultant services for companies where users can discuss with SEO specialists. This service certainly has its specialty compared to others. Here are some things are done by SEO specialist from cmlabs in helping users:

Conducting Keyword Research
Conducting keyword research that has been used by users, as well as suggesting target keywords that have the potential to achieve good rankings from an SEO perspective based on the user's niche and their Objective Key Results
Providing suggestions for on-page and off-page from the user's website
cmlabs can tell and/or suggest aspects related to onpage and offpage user’s website so it could suite SEO standard
Providing a customer journey map
cmlabs would make SEO mapping and planning, also determining the targeted keyword regarding user’s purposes or objectives to reach marketing funnel that they needed
Competitive landscape
cmlabs would explain the competitive landscape between users and their direct competitors in the same niche, around website’s onpage quality that they owned, domain’s ranking, organic traffic as a comparison also being the reason behind the company's urge to optimize their sales through SEO technical side.
Traffic projections
cmlabs provides projection and comparative results about the website visitors before and after the user committed to utilize cmlabs’ SEO consultant service.
The Advantages of SEO Consultant cmlabs

SEO consultant cmlabs certainly have advantages and differences from the others. Here are the advantages of cmlabs SEO Consultant:

Focusing on search volume and keyword difficulties
Search volume have strong correlation with search demand, whilst keyword difficulties illustrate the competitive side between enterprises in the same niche with higher brand reputation among the same targeted keyword
Showing user persona
cmlabs could make projection about user persona that along with research that had been done to user’s competitor or user persona that might be targeted by the user itself
Clustering keywords that will be used by users
Clusterization in this term, means that cmlabs determining priority scale from targeted keyword based on user’s objective and intend to make SEO specialist’s performance worked effectively and directed
Traffic projection with a low-level to aggressive approach that’s in accordance with the user's Objective Key Results
Traffic projection aspire to adjust the user’s target market with services that cmlabs arrange
Content strategic recommendation
cmlabs would recommend a proper content for users with considering SEO standard in details, for instance we recommend a SEO friendly article, and high demand targeted keyword to win search engine traffic
SEO technical suggestion
cmlabs would suggest users regarding onpage and offpage SEO technical side that also adjustable with user’s approval
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