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SEO for Web Development

Last updated: Mar 15, 2022

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In creating a website, we need to pay attention to many things. starting from the technical side, marketing, products to what the market needs the most (we call it competitor analysis).

This article will discuss only 1 case, namely the creation of a new website, not a revamp or the addition of new features.

If you're a product manager or business owner, it's important you have an understanding of how a website you're going to develop will ultimately work for you and make money for your business.

The process and development phase is the key. You really need to get your team to pay attention to the things we mention below.

  • Content-specific guidelines (eg. regular article, product page, video or podcast, images, news article, book, event, how-to, job-posting, more);
  • Manage the user experience (eg. site security, mobile considerations, paywalled content, more);
  • Control crawling and indexing page;
  • Utilize available Google Data Structure to change search appearance (enhance and modify SERPs Features);
  • Site architecture to build SEO-Friendly website (sitewide planning);
  • Tracking implementation for search engine users and user activity on website (including required adjustment on the tracking settings);
  • Domain and URL suggestion;
  • International and multilingual sites;

The phases that we attach are how SEO helps ensure your website works at the business level, not just the web development phase.

When you skip the phase we mentioned, you may have succeeded in creating a cool and expensive website, but from a marketing point of view, your website is like an empty house and does not appeal to anyone.

Of course this is not the only thing that is really the key to the success of a website, but it is one that you should pay attention to.

We have made a simple flow, so that it is easy for you to understand. If you have further questions, you can find us via our marketing page.

Image : We explain the whole process of SEO and Developer team collaboration in developing a website, start from kick-off project to release. It begins with a joint brief and the analysis process by the SEO team concerning the required needed. For initial preparation, team collaboration is crucial in every aspect, from planning for content production, web concept designing, and SEO checklist fulfillment. Even from the development to the production stage, SEO becomes an essential aspect for the entire team. Last, tracking and check the website performance using the right tools are continuously carried out.

For other cases, we will publish in another guide article. check the list of pages via the left sidebar. This guide is important for those of you who work as seo specialists, web developers, product managers and business owners. make sure you refer to those who really need this article.



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