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HTTP Status Code 1xx

Last updated: Apr 13, 2022

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A screen with server illustration operate by women wearing emerald ring
Figure 1: Screen with illustration of server operated by woman with emerald ring. The server will provide HTTP status code 1xx if the server wants to send information to the user. For example, information such as a notification that the request was received or the server will continue the process to accept the request.


For website developers, HTTP Status Code is an important notification regarding the condition of pages and websites. Whereas, for website users in general including beginners of website-related jobs, SEO specialists, Front End developers, and also Content Writer, the HTTP status is still complicated.

The majority will agree with this statement since the HTTP Status Code has a lot of variations that make it hard to memorize. Here are all of the information related to the HTTP Status Code on the website:

HTTP Status Code, 100, 101, 102

HTTP status code /1.0 shows a temporary response that consists of Status-Line and Optional Header, then ended with an empty line. This status doesn’t need a header.

Important note:

HTTP/1.0 doesn’t define 1xx status codes. Thus, the server doesn’t send responses to the clients. This condition is exceptional for an experiment.

It is important to note that clients “MUST” be prepared to receive one (or more responses) 1xx status before the regular response.

There are no other choices even though clients expect the status code 100. In a practical situation, the 1xx response status “PERHAPS” is unexpected to appear, and “PERHAPS” is ignored by web developers or users.

HTTP Status Code 100 - Continue

HTTP Status Code 100 is a temporary response where clients must continue the server’s requests. This response is useful to inform clients that their requests have been received. However, those requests have two possible responses, accepted or rejected.

For example HTTP Status 1xx Status Code: 100

HTTP Status Code 101 - Switching Protocol

The simple definition of 101 Status Code is that the server agrees to comply with clients’ requests (switching protocol requests). Before reaching the ACCEPTED status, the server needs to understand clients’ requests.

For example HTTP Status 1xx Status Code: 101

HTTP Status Code 102 - Processing (WebDAV)

The 102 status code shows a temporary response to inform clients that the server has received the requests but it hasn’t finished yet (in progress).

HTTP Status Code 102 will only be sent to the server when everything that is needed by clients has already been owned by the server yet it still needs a significant time to finish.

In a simple simulation, if the server needs 20 seconds or more to process clients’ requests, then the server will give the 102 status as a notification for users. After the estimation time is finished (20 seconds), then the server has to send the final response showing that the requests have been finished or completed.

For example HTTP Status 1xx Status Code: 102



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