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6 Hospitality Industry Trends in 2023 for the School Holiday
Cover image: Illustration of 2023 hospitality industry trends for family vacation ideas this school holiday season

The school holiday season has arrived. It's time to check on hospitality industry trends before booking hotel rooms for a comfortable vacation.

As is the case with tourism trends, the hotel industry has also experienced significant changes due to the pandemic.

Limited social interaction and the weakening of the economy due to COVID-19 have forced the hotel industry to adapt to existing conditions.

Although the transmission of COVID-19 has decreased dramatically, the trend that has developed since the pandemic is still in great demand by travelers.

Before going into the discussion about hotel trends in 2023, you need to know what things need to be prepared before booking a room at a hotel during school holidays.

Stay at the Best Hotel During School Holidays

Since the onset of the pandemic, people's travel habits around the world have experienced many changes.

Lodging tours, known as "staycations," are now commonly found. What do you do while staying at the inn?

Of course, you don't just stay in the room when making hotel reservations for staycations with colleagues or family.

Especially during these school holidays, a staycation can be the right choice for those of you who want to spend time comfortably gathering with your family.

Instead of using the living room or backyard to chat while on vacation, you can look for a new atmosphere with a staycation at a comfortable hotel with good facilities.

During a staycation, you can spend time enjoying hotel facilities. If you want a new atmosphere, try to explore the city while enjoying views that you cannot get every day.

To make sure everyone in the family can participate in the holidays, plan fun activities to do together.

You can explore the area where the hotel is located or shop at local handicraft shops to remember moments together on vacation.

Sounds fun, right? So that you don't miss this holiday moment, get to know the latest hotel trends to make your vacation with your family more comfortable.

hospitality industry trends for holiday promotions
Figure 1: Illustration of a traveler who has just checked-in to a hotel room

The pandemic over the past three years has made people more aware of cleanliness and their dependence on surrounding resources.

This is also reflected in the 2023 hospitality industry trends, which carry a lot of sustainability both in terms of resources and the need for travel outside of lodging.

So it's no wonder that staycations will be one of the top choices in 2023 for spend time during school holidays with family or close friends.

Before deciding which hotel you want to stay at, be sure to do some research on the latest hotels that provide various staycation facilities.

To provide an overview of the latest hotel trends, we have summarized six different features that you can find in your research process.

1. Sufficient Energy Consumption

Currently, the hotel industry implements an energy conservation system in order to reduce waste from its use, which has a negative impact on the earth.

This energy saving is done by using smart technology, such as:

  • Automation: devices that help reduce excessive use of electricity, including in the use of heating and cooling.
  • Renewable energy generators: the use of solar, wind, and micro-plants ensures the continuity of activities in the hotel with renewable-energy technologies.
  • Air source heat pump: the transfer of hot air between the interior and exterior of the hotel can be done using a pump system to make the room temperature warmer or cooler according to guest needs without reducing energy consumption costs.

2. Easy Digital Payments

Since the pandemic, payment methods have changed. Currently, many business sectors, including hospitality, are implementing digital payments.

The increase in payments using the cashless method has increased by 66% since the pandemic.

This technology is predicted to continue to develop after the digital revolution occurs, even after there is no more spread of COVID-19.

This cashless payment makes it easier for potential guests to fulfill their room booking needs and use hotel facilities safely and easily.

The check-in and check-out processes are also faster, and the payment journey doesn't take long.

3. Authentic Local Culture Exploration

This school holiday is the right time to provide an authentic experience by exploring local culture with your family.

This activity is suitable for travelers of all ages, including the elderly and young children. Therefore, try to find lodging that provides the experience of interacting with local people.

For example, hotels that are thick with elements of Balinese culture usually provide local culinary delights that guests can enjoy every day.

On the other hand, you can also explore the city where the hotel is located for a truly authentic experience.

4. Relaxation with Wellness Tourism

Apart from local tourism, one of the hospitality industry trends in 2023 is wellness tourism. This type of tourism aims to improve the quality of life.

Wellness tourism is different from medical tourism, which is related to treatment. Tourism for a better quality of life refers to things that can be done to build a healthy lifestyle.

The main goal is to proactively carry out certain activities to reduce stress and prevent disease for a better quality of life.

Generally, activities in wellness tourism include yoga classes, therapeutic massages, and breakfast choices with a balanced composition.

You can continue the healthy living habits that you developed during the school holidays in your home environment when the time for traveling is over.

5. Streaming Must Continue

Current hospitality industry trends certainly follow consumer behavior in the global market. One trend that cannot be missed and is a selling point in itself is streaming services.

This is closely related to the staycation concept for consumers who only want to stay in a hotel to spend vacation time.

The reserved room is equipped with a smart TV that allows you to spend time watching your favorite movies or series during your holidays.

6. Outdoor Living with Glamping

Take the time to spend your vacation time by going out and enjoying the natural scenery.

Glamping is one of the popular hotel trends in 2023. This holiday concept still applies social distancing but doesn't reduce your space for movement.

The glamping concept itself is an eco-based tourist attraction that combines aspects of natural beauty and adventure.

So, that's all the discussion about hospitality industry trends in 2023. Many of the changes that have occurred due to the pandemic have had an impact on people's vacation habits.

Therefore, make sure to look for information regarding the latest lodging that can help you get the best holiday experience.

Use search engines like Google and its various search features to get comprehensive information about the latest hotel types and how to book rooms before it's too late.

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