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8 Holiday Trends for 2023 During School Break for Families
Cover image: Illustration of 2023 holiday trends to spend meaningful school holidays with family

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a significant change in 2023's tourism trends.

Restrictions on social interaction over the past three years have made vacation habits no longer the same as in the pre-pandemic period.

The good news is that since 2022, the space for people to move due to the pandemic has started to loosen up again due to the improving health conditions of most of the global population.

Currently, many people, including schoolchildren, have been vaccinated and have immunity against the COVID-19 virus.

With the decreased spread of COVID-19, it is predicted that the desire to leave the house and travel during school holidays will increase.

Nevertheless, it should be remembered that many tourist behaviors have changed over the past three years. Therefore, the holiday trend in 2023 needs to be considered in business promotion activities in several related sectors.

By understanding tourism trends in 2023, business people can understand how to properly promote their businesses on digital platforms.

To comprehensively recognize the popular holiday trend in 2023, see the full information below.

Take Advantage of School Holidays with the Latest Holiday Trend

holiday trend during school holiday
Figure 1: Illustration of students welcoming the school holiday season

School activities that are usually carried out face-to-face have moved online during the pandemic. But now the school has opened as usual.

Therefore, the momentum of the school holidays is the time that students and parents are waiting for again if they want to experience free time outside the home.

Taking advantage of vacation time by visiting new tourist attractions can be a fun activity for students in 2023.

However, it should be noted that the holiday trend in 2023 is quite different from the pre-pandemic period.

Before the pandemic, many tourism activities were carried out in groups at different times. Tourist behavior has changed due to the pandemic.

Public restrictions, which have been removed, make many people flock to tourist attractions during the holiday season, especially the upcoming school holiday.

This is known as revenge tourism," which is a new habit after the restrictions during the pandemic.

It's not only travel habits that have changed; the holiday trend in 2023 has also changed more or less in terms of increasing digital penetration.

Therefore, vigorous digital business promotion needs to be carried out so that business opportunities are not missed during the school holiday season.

The 2023 holiday period provides the right momentum to improve business performance. The way to do this is by understanding post-pandemic consumer behavior.

By 2022, the increase in internet users globally will increase by 4%. It is recorded that 62.5% of the total world population are active internet users.

Seeing the trend of internet usage, Microsoft stated that digitization is important for business promotion in the tourism sector.

Not only for business promotion, school holidays are also a time for traveling. Therefore, this moment is the right time to gather with family.

holiday trends during school holiday
Figure 2: Illustration of a female tourist looking for information on 2023 travel trends for school holidays 

Are you interested in going on vacation with your family for the upcoming vacation? Let's check out the 2023 tourism trends in Indonesia that you can choose to fill your school holidays with this time.

1. Glamping: Glamorous Camping

Many people prefer to gather and relax in one place during their current holidays by camping.

To add something new to this activity, you can choose to go glamping, which is a camping event with a glamorous atmosphere.

The concept of a holiday outside the home is more interesting than staying at a resort, hotel, or villa.

Not just outdoor lodging, you can also enjoy other recreations such as ecotourism, adventure, and nature tourism provided in the vacation packages.

2. Exploring Archipelago Waters

Indonesia is a vast country with great tourism potential. Here, not only tours on the mainland are the main attraction. Indonesian marine tourism is priceless.

Visiting archipelago waters can be an interesting holiday trend in 2023. School holidays spent enjoying the panorama of blue sea water in Indonesian waters are beneficial for developing insight.

This activity can be a unique experience that you can enjoy with your children and other family members.

Beautiful Indonesian waters, such as Labuan Bajo in East Nusa Tenggara, can be attractive tourist destinations that you can visit with your family.

3. Visit Tourism Village

You can relax with your children during the school holidays by visiting a tourist village.

This holiday trend in 2023 is suitable for filling free time by exploring villages with diverse natural, cultural, and culinary potential.

Currently, many tourist villages can be reached in a short time. This can be a solution for those of you who only have a little time for a vacation with your family.

4. Outdoor Living with Campervan

If glamping feels too luxurious, then you can try the trend of staying outside with a campervan.

This idea can be the right vacation choice for those of you who like to travel outside the home with your family to spend your free time.

This campervan can usually be rented for a certain period of time. You can stop at camper parks or stopover parks, which are available in several areas such as Malang and Banyuwangi.

5. The Rise of Micro Tourism

Holidays in places close to home were a popular holiday trend during the pandemic that still exists today.

Local destinations can be the right option to spend free time during a school holiday that you may never have thought of before.

In this activity, you can visit popular places around your neighborhood and get new experiences that you may not have had before.

6. Staycation: Hotels As Tourist Destinations

During the pandemic, many people preferred to take vacations and live in their own lodgings.

Staycations are one of the 2023 holiday trends that can be the right choice to fill your school break time with your family.

This holiday activity doesn't take a lot of energy. You simply stay in a hotel and enjoy the entertainment facilities provided there.

This option is suitable for those of you who still have to work but don't want to spend time on vacation with your family.

7. Adventure in the Outdoors

Use your school holiday time to go on outdoor adventures with your family and children.

Take advantage of the time you have by doing outdoor activities such as trekking, hiking, and rafting with your family.

Activities together in outdoor tourism can be something that can bring you closer to your family and help you relax this holiday season.

8. Handicraft Product Innovation

Get to know local products by visiting handicraft outlets in certain tourist destinations.

If you find unique products on digital platforms, you can try visiting the place directly to learn more.

For example, you can visit pottery tourism villages in Malang Regency, one of which is in Pagelaran Village, to see and buy crafts directly from the craftsmen.

Those are the 2023 travel trends that you can choose as your option this school holiday season. Which one is your pick for your favorite holiday trend in 2023?

These travel options have changed more or less from trends in previous years. The introduction of these tourist destinations can now be done digitally.

Travel information during school holidays can appear on Google search pages if properly optimized through an SEO strategy.

Using SEO services from experts in their fields can help optimize the visibility of information related to the tourism business in search engines.

The more users who click on website pages about the tourism business, the greater the number of potential visitors or consumers who learn about it.

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