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Written by cmlabs, Jun 10 2019

10 Jun 2019 - To help the marketing process of our services, we officially changed our website domain to which requires us to create 301 redirect links from the old domain to the new one. Before this,  cmlabs stand for content marketing labs but we decided to make it one brand only which is cmlabs.

With a more secure domain and security, we hope that users can be more flexible and feel comfortable when accessing the tools page, blog, price, and other pages. We will continue to improve the speed and appearance of the website in order to provide you with an even better experience.

We know that cmlabs is a brand that works under PT CMLABS INDONESIA DIGITAL. We specialize in SEO services and we wanna help consumers to have the right platform to increase their reach and help companies or enterprises to step up their company value. But by having a solid brand identity and domain, it will be easier for businesses to recognize cmlabs. 

To know that, cmlabs is their solution for their SEO activities. Also as we changed our brand, we hope that we will have a clear brand identity and people will remember us as cmlabs only.

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