cmlabs developer scope of work

Written by cmlabs, May 20, 2022

cmlabs Developers Scope of Work

Our milestone starts in 2019. cmlabs has its own purpose in developing a company with a focus on connecting business owners and their customers with ease. cmlabs is always eager to be transparent and deliver our scope of work in a way people would understand. 

Who is the cmlabs developer?

The cmlabs developer team is the one responsible to support the marketing team in terms of product development. This team consists of talented and experienced individuals in various fields. cmlabs developer team has two branches which are dev-core and dev. 

Within those teams, there are Analyst and research, visual team, frontend and backend developer, quality assurance, and mobile team. We design and build our product with advanced technology and innovation adjusted to users' needs and our target market. 

What do we develop?

As a developer team, we develop essential company properties such as websites, products, and SEO tools. Currently, we have the main website, which acts as the bridge for our customers to us. We develop our website with users' experience in mind.

Not only our website, but we also develop our product called cmlabs Analytics. It is the next level of our current product Keyword Ranking Tracker. This product will help the marketing team to achieve the company's target in 2022 and so on. Since we have a wider market, we have to develop our product to an advanced stage.

Today our product is on the 2nd version (version-2), and we need at least 6-8 months to release the next version. cmlabs Analytics is developed to help anyone and enterprises monitor and get better SEO insights for their website.

We also develop SEO tools that will be useful for users such as word counter for writers, page speed test for webmasters, and many more. We are eager to innovate new things and help others to do better SEO. Besides developing the company's properties, cmlabs developers also help our clients regarding their technical issues on their websites. 

We will be very transparent about how we work, for more detailed information please read through our notion:

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