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Last updated by cmlabs at May 17, 2024

cmlabs case study DepositoBPR

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Attention! It should be noted that we have limited access to some of our client data, hence some of the data displayed is sourced from a third party.

Key Takeaways

  • DepositoBPR by Komunal experienced several issues, such as content duplication, on-page issues, and content cluster issues.
  • To deal with this issue, the cmlabs team implemented several strategies, such as remapping published articles, grouping content according to topic, and optimizing the website.
  • These strategies had an impact on increasing traffic by 948% and average organic traffic of 117K.

About the Client

DepositoBPR is a product under Komunal and managed by PT Komunal Sejahtera Indonesia. This product provides the opportunity for everyone to allocate their funds to BPR deposits which are all registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority/Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK). DepositoBPR and cmlabs have collaborated with cmlabs since April 2023. The following is the journey of cmlabs collaboration with DepositoBPR.


Services Taken

  • Traffic projection
  • Keyword research
  • Content strategy & recommendation
  • Technical SEO
  • and many more
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  • Weekly/monthly editorial content
  • Page title, meta description, suggestion
  • Outlining & content planning
  • Search snippet enablement
  • and many more
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Obstacle We Encountred

Content Duplication Issue

In the first 2 months, DepositoBPR website traffic didn’t increase or experienced a small increase. After carrying out a massive audit, we found the cause of this issue, namely the duplication of articles on the depostiobpr.id and komunalgroup.com websites.

Content Gap and Content Cluster Issues

At first, DepositoBPR didn’t have a suitable content cluster yet and had a content gap that had not been addressed on the website. This caused a lack of content containing certain information on the website.

On Page Issues

The DepositoBPR website also experienced several issues on the website (On Page), such as keyword placement, alt image, internal link, title and meta description which were not on target.

Our Best SEOlutions

Content Duplication Issue

To deal with this problem, cmlabs created logic involving a database to cluster and remap articles that will be published on the depositobpr.id and komunalgroup.com websites.

Content Gap and Content Cluster Issues

We mapped existing content and clustered it according to topic and user personality. Then, we mapped the content gap we had with competitors, both direct competitors and search competitors.

On Page Issues

To address issues on the website, we repaired and optimized the website to improve content performance.

Organic Achievements

Website Traffic Growth

After collaborating with cmlabs, the DepositoBPR website experienced a rapid increase in growth, namely 948% until January 2024.

Figure 1: DepositoBPR experienced an increase in organic traffic of 948%.

DepositoBPR Acquires Expeditious Growth

Figure 2: DepositoBPR experienced an increase in average organic traffic.

In addition, the DepositoBPR website saw a spike in average organic traffic, namely 117K in January 2024.

Business Achievements

DepositoBPR are Top of Mind in the BPR Bank-Owned Deposit Industry

Through commercial and transactional keywords in search engines, DepositoBPR has successfully become top of mind on the topic of deposit investment at BPR banks.

DepositoBPR Successfully Cuts Advertising Costs with SEO Activities

The SEO efforts carried out by the cmlabs team have contributed to reducing advertising costs, particularly for keywords targeted in advertising activities conducted by the DepositoBPR team. Due to the SEO activities undertaken, DepositoBPR has managed to generate a similar number of clicks to those produced by advertisements, but without incurring any costs.

SEO Data

Keyword Ranking 

For overall ranking keywords based on Google Search Console data, DepositoBPR is ranked 8.7, which was previously ranked 11.5. Meanwhile, according to data from Sequence Stat, the organic rank was ranked 9.92.

Apart from organic rank, Sequence Stat also recorded the absolute rank, which is the order of a website in search results regardless of all sources in search engines such as ads, snippets, PAA, and others. During the collaboration with cmlabs, DepositoBPR ranked 11.22 on average in search engines.

Brand Position

DepositoBPR occupied 1st position in the BPR banking sector which provided the same service, namely online deposits. However, for the financial sector as a whole, DepositoBPR was in 5th position among other large companies in the financial sector in Indonesia.

Search Market Share

Based on data from Sequence Stat, DepositoBPR has a market share of 4.52%, the largest of its direct competitors and is ranked 1st in the same industry for the targeted keywords.

Rank Distribution

Based on data from Sequence Stat, DepositoBPR succeeded in placing 46.61% of keywords in ranks 1-3 and 33.03% in ranks 4-10. This means that more than 75% of DepositoBPR keywords were on page 1 of Google. This will have an impact on the traffic stability from the DepositoBPR website.

Organic Keyword Captured

Along with the development of organic traffic and organic rank, the number of keywords captured had also increased significantly. To date, the total keywords owned by DepositoBPR are 26,695 and will continue to increase as the SEO process continues.

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In some businesses, there are high activity of searching in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. In fact, a company can stand strong with just a 3% market capture available in its niche through search engines. Hence, understanding how to gain organic traffic is essential and even becomes one of the most basic of organic marketing. Let’s say, you run a business in the niches below:

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  • Optimize for local search with keywords targeting specific destinations, landmarks, and niche-related terms.
  • Create comprehensive articles to attract a target audience.
  • Focus on optimizing product pages with descriptive titles, meta descriptions, and keyword-rich content.
  • Implement structured data markup to enhance search engine visibility for products.
  • Generate user-generated content such as reviews and ratings to improve credibility and SEO.
  • Target long-tail keywords that address the specific needs or concerns of your target audience.
  • Build authoritative backlinks from reputable websites and publications.

Some business sectors have large and complex markets, making the marketing activities intricate and imprecise. In this case, big companies need to conduct comprehensive content marketing activities, specifically SEO campaigns, to get awareness through mass media and online publishers in a country. Considering this activity requires a larger budget, you need a comprehensive and well-designed strategy.

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For some SEO companies, enriching search results is just complementary, a standard practice without much thought or strategy. However, for us, this is an important investment and should be maximized. Based on our internal analysis, the SERP feature that you build up does not directly impact organic visits, but overall, it makes search engine algorithms understand how your website is trying to provide information with better serving options to users.

On-page issues are becoming a common problem, yet some company executives have the wrong priorities. We agree that technical matters are important, but other factors like keyword clustering and website planning must also be considered. This will be a big team collaboration so we will handle the technical issue together.

Getting on the leaderboard is important, but not all enterprises understand it. To climb on the leaderboard, you need an extensive analysis and evaluation of market volume. This approach will help you figure out how much percentage of the market we captured.

Even though ascending the leaderboard does not relate to organic market share, at least you have targeted tens of thousands of keywords with a larger optimization scale, such as the nation scale.

Increasing ranking distribution is an advanced optimization option and also one of the most crucial SEO objectives. This strategy requires a comprehensive strategy, avant-garde planning, and a precise design.

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