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Creative agencies, digital agencies, and advertising agencies are groups of people that can provide a brand's marketing activity. Depending on how comprehensive the services that they offer. An all-in-one service will bring a lot of benefits to an agency because the clients don’t need to look for another provider to optimize other marketing channels. Instead, an agency can be a one-stop solution that a client can have.

How does it work?

cmlabs open an opportunity for all Creative agencies, digital agencies, and advertising agencies to work together with cmlabs (we can be your third party in terms of providing SEO).

If your agency doesn't have an SEO service, we can help you to enable it, so that you'll have the possibility to gain more return.

If your agency already provides SEO services, we can collaborate together, where cmlabs can complement your service, providing you comprehensive and end-to-end SEO Services.

Before continue to become partner with cmlabs. We highly encourage you to read our Terms of Services and Terms and Conditions

Why You Should Become A cmlabs Partner

Companies That Will Suit Our Partnership

We are open to various categories to collaborate and achieve our common goals.

Digital Agency

Digital Agency

The needs and demands from digital agencies to enable SEO services in fulfilling the client’s digital marketing activities is quite high. Thus, you need to find people who are able to accommodate the SEO action plans correctly, and cmlabs is here to help. Read More

Web Dev Company

Web Dev Company

Web Developer has an essential role in digital business development. As a web development company, SEO services can be a unique selling point to distinguish your brand from another. cmlabs can be the right partner for your SEO journey. Read More

Marcom Agency

Marketing Communication Agency

SEO is one of the communication and marketing tools to introduce the product or service value to wider audiences. Choosing the right keyword to increase the sales rate of your brand is a very critical task. Read More



To achieve the best community service, governments' websites need SEO services. The potential to be the answer to society's question will be better when using SEO. Save society from hoaxes and misleading information is important. Read More

Non-Government Organization (NGO)

Non-Government Organization (NGO)

To achieve the social awareness of your program, delivering valuable marketing content and messages on a website is a must. It will be more achievable with SEO services cmlabs offer. SEO can help your website get organic traffic better. Read More

Company Group

Company Group

To build a sustainable Company Group, you need SEO service to ensure its visibility on the internet. cmlabs will help you formulate an SEO action plan to achieve bigger benefits for a long-term business. Read More

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Frequently Asked Questions

cmlabs Partnership

cmlabs Partnership Program is a program that opens up opportunities for Digital Agency, Web Dev Company, Marketing Communications Agency, Government, Non-Government Organization (NGO), Company Group in the enablement or provision of SEO Services.

This scheme can be done with a note that the cooperation offer is made by the first party, and there is an agreement to barter, where cmlabs will provide SEO services for your company and your company will provide services/products that can be used by cmlabs.

cmlabs cannot provide a free trial of SEO services for you. Because SEO requires a process and a long period of time to achieve good results. Read about SEO here.

cmlabs do not recommend you to implement SEO for less than 8 months, because Google's process of receiving signals from the website takes time. SEO is also influenced by several factors such as technical factors, market trends, market behavior, search engine algorithms, and others. So, our recommendation is to implement SEO services for at least 8 months.

Of course, we can. We are committed to cooperating in a certain period of time, for example, 1 year, 2 years, and so on. But for details of the administrative process, workflow, and terms and conditions, please contact our Marketing team.

You are allowed to. We open the opportunity for you to apply for other cooperation schemes. You can include the collaboration proposal you want and later our Marketing team will contact you for the discussion of the possibility in this collaboration.

Additional Information: Our marketing team will reach out to you as soon as possible and arrange the virtual meeting to discuss in further detail. If both parties agreed with all the terms and conditions, then we can set a second meeting. Sign the contract and start the project.

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