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Implementing SEO for small and medium enterprises at the best price is now reachable. cmlabs is now available for Small Business to provide the most comprehensive SEO at a reasonable price.


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Why SEO cmlabs for Small Business?

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Grow your Business with cmlabs

cmlabs will help your business increase revenue by climbing to the top of Google's search engine.

Flexible Project Duration

You can define the project duration based on SEO needs. For a better result, we define the minimum duration as six months.

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Reach your Potential Clients in Google

Help your audience find your business by implementing strategic SEO. SEO cmlabs for Small Business will help you turn your audience to be the next client

Flexible Payment for your Project

We understand your needs and will give you an option regarding the payment. You can choose to pay per month or every trimester based on your payment regulation and policies.

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In-depth SEO Assistance?

As a professional SEO company, cmlabs will provide you with in-depth SEO assistance. Our dedicated team will first identify your website problem to draw the best technical suggestion. The strategy we build is based on the research on your business. We will launch recommendations such as keyword research, making high-quality content, and optimizing your underperforming content.

It is time to bring your business into the SEO game and see how it boosts your ranking in the search engine.

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(From IDR 5mio)

We believe that your business is unique. Therefore, you need a personalized plan to win your market. Ready to start your SEO game with cmlabs? Click the button below and tell us more about your business.

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Curious About cmlabs? Let's Talk

We believe that this page is not covering all your curiosity, schedule a meeting with our marketing team to get a more detailed explanation about this campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is the list of frequently asked questions about this campaign. If yours is not covered in the list, please contact our marketing team.

This is cmlabs's new marketing campaign to reach Small Business through a special package. It does not mean we are limiting, but it is adjusted to small and medium businesses' needs in Indonesia.

We define small and medium-sized enterprises based on the SEO needs of the company and the set OKR. Commonly, Small Business target the local market (1 region or city, up to several regions, and not exceeding 50% of the people in a country). The targeted consumers are also still in transition to the internet (generally the keyword demand is not high but is growing)

OKR stands for objective key result, this is what determines the goal or target of the collaboration between cmlabs and your company. OKR is determined from the results of the discussion and adjusted to your needs. So, every business can have a different OKR and this will be agreed upon by both parties.

We have helped great companies with various niches. However, be our first SME client and make it easy for your audience to find you on search engines.

Sure thing, we want to open the opportunities for small and medium businesses to grow together with the right SEO implementation. We also have amazing promos that you could not miss. Visit our promo page for the detail.