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The Most Popular Media feature is designed to help users easily discover and access the most trending content. This feature enables users to quickly identify which content is currently trending in a certain media.

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Agility and Adaptability

Following trending topics allow you to be agile and adapt your strategies as the campaign landscape evolves.

Responsive Messaging

Align your campaign messages with the relevant public issues, demonstrate your understanding of current concerns and showcase your ability to address them.

Real-time Awareness

Be more responsive and timely about the issues and conversations that are currently capturing public attention.

Identify Opportunities and Risks

Being aware of trending topics help you identify opportunities to gain visibility and positively influence public opinion.

seo among marketing strategy

(Highlight various categories that can be tracked)

Locate the number of domains that mention your "terms" and craft an optimization plan to reach more audiences.

We help you track the impact of media coverage


Digital campaign expert

Spread the word about your campaigns by conquering search engines with the help of our SEO services


Guaranteed branding solution

Create positive branding by providing SEO-friendly content in your niche and help it sit on the top spot of the SERP

Reliable partner

Protect your brand image

Spread a strong brand image by getting featured in national media and increase the chance to win the market share


Discover the right audience

Target the right audience pool with the proper campaign and support from our SEO experts

Distinctive Competencies

Search Engine Expert

  • Valuable & visible to customer
  • Rare among solution providers
  • Superior to those of competitors
  • Costly (also difficult for other to imitate)

Media Placement: cmlabs x SEQUENCE STAT

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IDR 100mio /project

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Off-page guidelines includes analyzing various factors such as relevance, quality, and naturalness, when acquiring backlinks for your website; focusing on building high-quality, authoritative, and contextually relevant links.

Article production from cmlabs (contains up to 1500 words)

1 Image asset for each article (can be used for commercial needs)

Our content assessment has successfully undergone rigorous testing for high-quality standards, while simultaneously maintaining a strong focus on delivering results.

Comply with E-E-A-T and the quality rater guidelines

Avoid creating search engine-first content (Focus on people-first content)

Provide a great page experience

Comply with local regulator for content and publication

Content plagiarism guarantee

Maximum 2 links at 1 article

Trusted by various niches companies

Whether your business is early in its journey or well on its way to digital transformation, cmlabs will help you solve your toughest marketing challenges. Capture who search your product in Google precisely!


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Let's stay ahead of the competition together

Understand you customer. Understand your SEO.

Still confused about the SEO services we offer? cmlabs can help you understand what SEO is and its role in digital marketing.

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We shall not be liable for any loss, injury, claim, liability, or damage of any kind, whether direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, special, or consequential, arising from the use of, reliance on, or inability to use the information presented on this page. Users are advised to exercise their own judgment and discretion when reading the articles and to verify any information before relying on it.

Data Display Permission

We have sought and obtained the necessary permissions from the respective online media sources to display the information about their content on our website.

Data Update

We have regulated the system to update the data on a daily basis. The data displayed on this page is updated every hour, starting from 00.00 (GMT+7) every day. The first data collection of this page was on March 16, 2023.

Data Categories

The first category is the default category of the media, which is based on the categories set by the publishers themselves. This means that the articles are grouped according to the categories that the publishers have assigned them to, such as news, sports, entertainment, and so on.

The second category is the category set by Sequence, which is based on our own proprietary algorithms and analytics. This means that the articles are grouped according to their relevance, popularity, and other factors that our algorithms consider important. We use advanced data analytics techniques to analyze and categorize the articles, in order to provide our users with a more comprehensive and accurate view of the most popular articles in Indonesia.


We strive to provide support to all Sequence users with no exceptions. For any sales or technical questions, please reach us out at [email protected].

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