cmlabs Convention

cmlabs convention
Ilustration of cmlabs’s convention

As a growing company, we define our SEO tools and services in detail to raise our brand awareness to the public. With this guideline, we expect to provide an in-depth understanding of the SEO tools and services for users.


cmlabs has some regulation in order to write the brand name on our promotion tools, or at any platform that included cmlabs brand name.


cmlabs is a brand that specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) fields and tools to support SEO activities under PT CMLABS INDONESIA DIGITAL

The correct writing of the cmlabs brand is using lowercase letters. Under certain conditions, cmlabs brand names may also use capital letters. For example, when the brand name is written together with other words that use capital letters in their writing.


cmlabs has rules in general writing. One of the conditions that must, is that in every topic or SEO tools or service, the ’cmlabs’ brand name must be mentioned or written as a prefix. As for brand name writings should met our previous brand name convention regulation in the previous document.


  • cmlabs Career
  • cmlabs Blog
  • cmlabs Press Release
  • cmlabs Services Indonesia
  • cmlabs Services Singapore
  • cmlabs Services Phillippines, etc
  • cmlabs Newsletter
  • cmlabs Pricing

cmlabs SEO Tools

cmlabs developer teams developed online tools for marketing activities, specializing in organic marketing, specifically in SEO. These tools are free and unlimited. The target audience for these tools are writers and webmasters. These SEO tools consist the following tools:

  • cmlabs Word Counter
  • cmlabs Title & Lengths Checker
  • cmlabs JSON-LD Generator
  • cmlabs JSON-LD Generator Breadcrumb
  • cmlabs JSON-LD Generator FAQ Page
  • cmlabs JSON-LD Generator How-to
  • cmlabs JSON-LD Generator Job Posting
  • cmlabs JSON-LD Generator Person
  • cmlabs JSON-LD Generator Product
  • cmlabs JSON-LD Generator Recipe
  • cmlabs Page Speed Test
  • cmlabs Sitemap Generator
  • cmlabs Mobile Friendly Test
  • cmlabs SSL Checker
  • cmlabs Robots.txt Checker
  • cmlabs Redirect Chain Checker
  • cmlabs Technology Lookup
  • cmlabs Link Analyzer
  • cmlabs Hreflang Checker
  • cmlabs Keyword Permutation


cmlabs SEO Consultant

SEO consultant services for companies where users can discuss with SEO specialists. This service certainly has its specialty compared to others. Here are some things done by SEO specialists from cmlabs in helping users: Conducting Keyword Research, Providing suggestions for on-page and off-page from the user's website, Providing a customer journey map, Competitive landscape, and Traffic projections.

This service could also be called cmlabs SEO Services

cmlabs Content Writing

cmlabs provides content writing that focuses on SEO-friendly aspects. The quantity of articles is flexible, according to the company's OKR or organic competition in a certain niche. Articles mostly consist of 500 to 1000 words with weekly and monthly editorial plans. Content writing services at cmlabs includes: Suggest page title and meta description, Make Heading structure strategy, Create an outline and content planning, Search snippet enablement (additional feature that requires approval from the company).

cmlabs Content Marketing

cmlabs also provides Content Marketing services. This service facilitates clients to place their content (articles) in the media or online publishers. This service includes: Defining the target audience, Projections of the visitors number to the article, Target engagement.

This service could also be called cmlabs Content Advetorial and cmlabs Media Placement


cmlabs instagram account


cmlabs (@cmlabsco)

cmlabs facebook account


with cmlabs (@cmlabsco)

cmlabs twitter account


cmlabs (@cmlabsco)

cmlabs youtube account


cmlabs (@cmlabs)

cmlabs linkedin account


cmlabs (@cmlabs)

cmlabs medium account


cmlabs (@cmlabs)

cmlabs tiktok account


cmlabs (@cmlabs)


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