Prohibition on Using AI Tools for Client Content Writing

Written by cmlabs | Last updated at Nov 17, 2023

NO. 00245/PP/CID/V/2023


This legal guideline outlines the rules and regulations regarding the use of generative AI tools, such as Google Bard, ChatGPT, Bing Chat, and similar platforms (referred to collectively as "Generative AI Tools") by employees of cmlabs. It establishes the policy that the use of such tools for content writing on behalf of clients is strictly prohibited, and violations may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.


The purpose of this guideline is to ensure the protection of client interests, maintain the quality and integrity of content, and safeguard the reputation of cmlabs. It clarifies the expectations placed on employees regarding the use of Generative AI Tools and helps prevent potential legal, ethical, and intellectual property issues.


This guideline applies to all employees of cmlabs who are engaged in content writing or related activities that involve generating written content for clients.

Prohibited Use of Generative AI Tools


  1. Content Creation for Clients
    Employees are strictly prohibited from using Generative AI Tools to create the whole content on behalf of clients. Content generated by AI tools lacks the human touch, originality, and creative judgment necessary to produce high-quality and personalized work. Instead, employees are expected to rely on their expertise, knowledge, and professional skills to deliver unique and tailored content.
  2. Copyright Infringement
    The use of Generative AI Tools may pose a risk of copyright infringement, as these tools generate content based on existing works, datasets, and models. Unauthorized use of copyrighted material is strictly prohibited, and employees are expected to respect and adhere to copyright laws and intellectual property rights.
  3. Quality Control and Accountability
    By employing Generative AI Tools for content creation, employees may relinquish control over the accuracy, reliability, and overall quality of the output. Content generated by AI tools can lack context, relevance, and the ability to comprehend nuanced requirements. Employees are responsible for maintaining the highest standards of quality, ensuring content meets client expectations, and upholding the reputation of cmlabs.


Employee Obligations


  1. Awareness and Training
    Employees shall be informed of this guideline and receive adequate training to understand the risks, implications, and consequences associated with the use of Generative AI Tools in content writing. Training programs will focus on emphasizing the importance of originality, creativity, and human expertise in producing valuable content for clients.
  2. Compliance with Company Policies
    Employees are expected to comply with all company policies, including this guideline, and perform their duties using ethical and professional standards. They should report any concerns or potential violations related to the use of Generative AI Tools to the appropriate channels within the company.


Consequences of Violation

Violation of this guideline may result in disciplinary action, which may include but is not limited to:

  • Training or counseling
  • Formal warning or reprimand
  • Termination of employment


The severity of the disciplinary action will depend on the nature and frequency of the violation, in accordance with cmlabs's established disciplinary procedures.


Right now cmlabs conducting writing comparison experiments between humans and AI, with the objective of determining the superior performer. These experiments serve as a means to enhance our content writing services by leveraging the insights gained from the results, while affirming our commitment to not relying solely on AI for service provision. The collected data will be used for internal analysis and improvement, with an unwavering commitment to unbiased and objective presentation, and without engaging in discriminatory or harmful practices. In our commitment to transparent communication and accountability, we will promptly publish the latest policy in the event of any changes.

Privacy Policy Changes

We may modify the Policy. We advise you to look at the policy regularly. We will notify the modifications to these terms on this page.

Contact Info

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