cmlabs Released 10 SEO Tools for Chrome Extensions, for Free!

Written by cmlabs, May 24 2024

As a testament to cmlabs' commitment to bringing innovative solutions to the SEO industry, we proudly present 10 SEO Chrome Extensions Tools that can be used for free. These tools are based on Chromium, allowing their usage not only to Google Chrome but also to other browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Arc Browser, Opera Browser, Opera Neon, Opera GX, Brave Browser, Vivaldi Browser, Comodo Dragon, Torch Browser, and more.

cmlabs always prioritizes user accessibility and convenience, thus we present 10 SEO Tools as Extensions on several web browsers to support all SEO experts and Web Developers' activities to be faster and more efficient.

10 Chrome Extensions Tools by cmlabs.
Figure 1: 10 Chrome Extensions Tools by cmlabs.

Here is the complete list of 10 Chrome Extensions Tools that you can install and use for free:

  • Page Speed Test: Measures page loading speed to enhance user experience.
  • SSL Checker: Checks SSL security to protect user data.
  • Redirect Chain Checker: Detects and resolves redirect chain issues.
  • Title & Meta Description Checker: Ensures titles and meta descriptions are optimized and SEO-friendly for SERP display.
  • Technology Lookup: Analyzes the technology used in a website.
  • Robots.txt Checker: Checks and manages robots.txt file settings easily.
  • Ping Checker: Checks server availability and response speed.
  • HTTP Header Checker: Checks and analyzes HTTP headers to optimize site performance.
  • Link Analyzer: Analyzes link profiles to improve link quality.
  • Hreflang Checker: Ensures hreflang implementation to support multilingual SEO.


One of the main advantages of cmlabs' Chrome Extensions Tools is accessibility. Although the 10 Tools above are already available on the website, users can now access them directly through the Chrome extension without visiting the website.

Those Chrome Extensions Tools by cmlabs are currently available and can be downloaded for free through the Chrome Web Store.


SEO Tools Website Version and Browser Extension Version

In terms of functionality, the SEO Tools we release in both website and browser extension versions are actually the same. However, the number of Tools available in both versions does indeed differ. The SEO Tools on our website now total 31 tools, while the browser extension version still consists of 10 tools.

Nevertheless, cmlabs will continue to innovate and develop other tools so that users can eventually access all 31 web-based tools in extension form, making it easier and more efficient. Furthermore, we are dedicated to expanding our website version tools in the future, both in terms of quantity and functionality.


How to Download and Get cmlabs Chrome Extensions Tools

Here are the steps to obtain Chrome Extensions Tools from cmlabs:

  • Click on the three dots at the top right corner of your Chrome window to open the dropdown menu.
  • Select the "Extensions" menu to access Chrome extension settings.
  • Next, click the "Open Chrome Web Store". This will take you to the Chrome Web Store.
  • On the Chrome Web Store page, use the search bar at the top of the page and type in the name of the tool you need. For example, "Hreflang Checker cmlabs Tools".
  • After finding the tool you're looking for, click on the search result to open the tool's detail page.
Preview of Chrome Web Store page when searching for the tools you need.
Figure 2: Preview of Chrome Web Store page when searching for the tools you need.
  • On the tool's detail page, click the "Add to Chrome" button usually located at the top right of the page.
  • You will see a confirmation dialog. Click "Add Extension" to confirm the installation of the tool.
  • Once the installation is complete, you will see the downloaded tool icon on your Chrome browser toolbar.
  • Now, you can use the tool by clicking on the tool icon and accessing the available features, just like you would with any Chrome extension.


Privacy Policy Governing Chrome Extensions Tools by cmlabs

In addition to providing SEO Chrome Extensions Tools, cmlabs also respects and prioritizes your privacy and data security as a user.

Privacy Policy for cmlabs SEO Tools on Chrome Web Store.
Image 3: Privacy Policy for cmlabs SEO Tools on Chrome Web Store.

We want to make it clear that we have a strict Privacy Policy for Chrome Extensions Tools by cmlabs. This Privacy Policy has detailed explanations of the information and/or data we collect, why we need it, and how we use it to enhance user experience and our services.

Furthermore, to ensure transparency and trust, we have also published information regarding updates and additions to the Privacy Policy on the cmlabs website to provide a comprehensive overview of how we manage and protect user data diligently.

If you have any further questions regarding the usage of these tools, please feel free to email us at [email protected].

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