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Written by cmlabs March 22, 2022

cmlabs opens the opportunity for various agencies to implement SEO and collaborate on our partnership program. The following are the types of agencies that will suit our program:

1. Digital Agency

Digital Agency

We see that there are certain needs and demands from digital agencies to enable SEO services in fulfilling the client’s digital marketing activities. Based on that reason, we open up the possibilities for all digital agencies to join our partnership program.

cmlabs offers two options which are a white labeling partnership and a private labeling partnership. Each option has a different workflow and benefits. But one thing is for sure, our quality of work will remain the same. We understand that SEO offers a special approach to generating leads, growth, and sales. Thus, you need to find people who are able to accommodate the SEO action plans correctly, and cmlabs is here to help.

2. Web Dev Company

Web Dev Company

Web Developer has an essential role in digital business development. As a web development company, SEO services can be a unique selling point to distinguish your brand from another. Because once a website is built, we assume that the owner has a certain focus to go online and target the organic market. Consequently, SEO services will complete the website presence for a brand to give more impact on their revenue and business growth rather than just a company profile. If you are looking for someone or a company that specializes in SEO, cmlabs can be the right partner for Web Developer Companies. Including you.

3. Marketing Communication Agency

Marketing Communication Agency

Brands tend to ask for marcom agencies' help to handle their digital marketing strategies and execution. For example, to help them with branding communication, brand values, messaging tactics to attract audiences, etc.

We believe that SEO is one of the communication and marketing tools to introduce the product or service value to wider audiences. Choosing the right keyword to represent and increase the sales rate of your brand is a very critical task. cmlabs is here to support you professionally in providing comprehensive SEO services for your clients.

4. Governments


These days, the marketing community seems relevant since there are emerging social media. People love to expand their network, communicate with friends and families despite the distance, and follow official accounts to see what they are sharing publicly.

Hence, governments that have seen the patterns, decide to join the digital revolution. Not only creating official social media accounts to connect society to the authorities, but they do need to spread information and announcements through a website as a credible source.

The question is, how to land people on your website? Even though you are not aiming to sell something, you must serve the public and keep them updated with the newest information, law, or simply give some tips upon certain regulations. As such, the Ministry of Finance Indonesia has released new tax laws and expected people to read the announcements from their official website rather than online media.

With cmlabs SEO service, you are able to save people from hoaxes and misleading information by targeting the specific keywords that are relevant to your topic.

5. Non-Government Organization (NGO)

Non-Government Organization (NGO)

Search engine is now part of our “can’t live without” platform. Various information, facts, and events can clearly be seen by typing keywords that pop into your mind. Delivering valuable marketing content and messages on a website will help your audience understand what your website is all about.

NGOs focus on alarming the inhabitants of developing countries, such as social protection, environmental, health, education, and inequality issues. For that reason, the online presence is important, where you can share knowledge, facts, projects, and achievements to make their organization trustworthy.

So what’s the correlation between NGO and SEO? To begin with, SEO can help your website capture specific keywords better. The expected results are that your audience will find your website on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) that matches their interests in the easiest way possible.

For example, your NGO is concerned about education, therefore you need to create an image where your website is the right place to fulfill their curiosity about educational issues and how to participate in your recent campaign.

You can create insightful blogs or learning sections inside your website, so it will send signals to Google that your website is legit and deserves a better position on Google Ranking. A strategic position will make you closer with your audience. Becoming a cmlabs partner will help you with SEO service.

6. Company Group

Company Group

A sustainable partnership can send both parties to gain more benefits in the long run. We have experience in handling a company/business group as our clients. The opportunity to get more flexibility with simple coordination can give you more space to improve and develop the service or product you offer.

Meanwhile, cmlabs will formulate the strategies to execute the plan for your company. The other thing that is also important. If you decided to collaborate with the end-to-end SEO service just like cmlabs for your company group, you can maintain our quality of work.

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