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Experimenting has financial risks. Moreover, time and effort also have their own cost. Then how much does it usually cost to build a small team, to manage SEO and your website?

We have made a simple calculation:

  • Rp 5.000.000 ⇢ 1 junior SEO specialist, estimated salary at 5-7 million rupiahs;
  • Rp 4.000.000 ⇢ 1 junior content writer, estimated salary at 4-6 million rupiahs;
  • Content Writers' salary is conditional: the budget can be cut by hiring freelancers;;
  • Rp 4.000.000 ⇢ 1 junior copywriter, estimated salary at 4-6 million rupiahs;
  • Rp 3.000.000 ⇢ 1 paid tool, with a minimum budget of 3 million IDR per month;
  • Additional SEO Tools: to support SEO activity on a beginner level, we need at least 3 tools, with 2 of them being free tools;
  • Estimated time for the experiment, at least 6 months;
  • Rp 200.000 ⇢ buying domain website, the price for 12 months;
  • Rp 4.200.000 ⇢ buying hosting or server, price per month is 350k rupiahs;
  • Rp 0 ⇢ your own time, as a project manager, decide on your own if necessary.

Important note the above calculation is the lowest specification, so we cannot calculate the success percentage of the experiment.

With the lowest calculation, you need at least Rp 20.400.000 a month for experimenting, an experiment with a high failure ratio since you are not assisted by senior specialists.

In other startups and multinational companies, the budget for research and development can be 1% to 10% of the total revenue. Now, how much do you spend on research for your startup?

How to reduce failure risk

From the brief study and projection above, we hope you arrive at the core point of this content.

Marketing is a complex job. A marketing channel such as SEO or Social Media, a unicorn startup in Indonesia needs 10 to 50 specialists to operate a company’s social media accounts. Right, only the operators. Then, how many people are involved in technical planning?

Here, cmlabs has a team with cumulative experience of a dozen or more years of experimenting with SEO.

By having backgrounds in marketing from many countries, we work under the same roof that is Content Marketing Labs.

In result…
In a short amount of time, our specialists will identify your website problems. You will have the right solution for an effective and efficient result.

Cmlabs’ SEO specialist will make sure every SEO job and marketing is measured precisely for you, along with a timeline that helps you find out how much investment and result in you will get precisely in a certain period.

Understanding complex SEO metrics

Metrics in SEO marketing are very complex. SEO specialists are demanded to know new things that may cause fatality to a website. According to our experiment, an SEO specialist needs at least 3-6 months to learn at the beginner level, in which at least 20-30 things are related to SEO.

Based on that, the experiment time we calculated before may change. This depends a lot on how the person learns and gains information needed about SEO topics.

To assist you in this matter, now let cmlabs help you to relax with our new plans to build your company bigger and bigger.

On an Enterprise scale, an SEO job might be small and insignificant. One of the reasons is that there are many metrics in this marketing channel. You will have to consider the time and money spent on a certain result.

How much is the team and SEO activity budget in startups?

One of the SEO experts in a startup unicorn in Indonesia is responsible to spend Rp. 500-800 million per month. This does not include the salary of 1 SEO specialist, 1 Content Writer, and 1 Copywriter.

That is only for a product. The other products in a startup have each budget. Several teams can have even more than 4 SEO specialists at the senior level.

Based on the facts, you can make a calculation on this Startup Unicorn’s SEO job.

Hence, let us take a closer look at your company, and then further discussion can be made. You will not need experiment costs nor spend as much as other Startups. We will adjust the budget with the right activities for your company. Get SEO service package deals on the page attached!

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