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The Benefits of Using Emoji

Emojis help make messages seem more intimate, because communicating with someone via chat doesn't allow you to hear each other's voices (unless you use voice notes). Of course both parties need to emphasize how they feel on the message, representing your message with emojis is an alternative to tell the feeling you want to describe to your friends or audience.

Increase Engagement
The emoji you use gives an idea of what you want to show. Companies that are active on social media and use emojis are more likely to get engagement from their customers / audience in every tweet, Facebook post, etc. only with the use of emojis. Since companies are often recognized as a formal environment, emojis on their social media help customers engage with more tweets / Instagram / Facebook such as giving comments, criticisms or suggestions, and things they like about the company. When customers feel close to the company, generally it will generate a lot of conversions.

Representing Emotion
The purpose of communication is to share information, be it textual or verbal. So when there is no emotion, the message sent could be misinterpreted. As we often look for emotional cues when communicating with others, when someone talks to someone and they speak very boring and / or monotonous, we definitely feel that something is wrong. Not that chatting without emojis is wrong, but the use of emojis really helps delivering the emotions.

Save a lot of space
The use of emojis has a tremendous impact on social media sites like Twitter. Since tweets only allow 140 characters, emojis help you say what you need to say, without exceeding 140 characters. This does not apply to Twitter alone, sometimes emojis can convey what you can't say. Therefore, emotional attachment to emojis becomes important nowadays.

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