Data scientist is one of the professions that is currently being sought after by technology companies in line with the development of Big Data. The main duty of a Data Scientist is that managing and analyzing both quantitative and numeric data and filter the data information so that it results in accurate and valid data information that can be used for the importance of a company.

Data scientist oriented to the world of business and IT. By a large amount of data currently, that is generated by humans or devices, makes the development of technology continue developing every day. So, it needs a Data Scientist to manage and handle the data information that is obtained by humans or a device.

By the success of digital transformation, it is undeniable that it is a good and balanced collaboration between humans and machines. So, for developing and optimizing industrial revolution 4.0 also needs the help of humans in managing and handling data.

The Duties and Responsibilities of Data Scientist

  1. Grouping and organizing the irregular data based on means of coding and mathematical modelling needs.
  2. Validating the current algorithm to analyze the various data sources which are obtained to get the targeted results.
  3. Analyzing a company's data using mathematical concepts.
  4. Have responsibility for a quality data company.
  5. Researching the data obtained.
  6. Using big data.
  7. Improving data collection procedures to insert relevant information to build analytic systems.
  8. Doing management, cleaning, and verification of data integrity that will be analyzed.

Must-have Abilities

Being a Data Scientist is not easy, so it needs a person who is able and has sufficient ability to be able to support this job properly. Even some people who have an education background as software developers also are not necessarily capable. Here are skill qualifications that must be mastered to be able to enter this profession.

Hard Skills:

  1. Understand the analysis tools
  2. Have knowledge about the basic statistic
  3. Understand the statistic analysis
  4. Understand the machine learning
  5. Have knowledge about programming language
  6. Knowing and understanding calculus and aljabar linear
  7. The ability of programming
  8. Data mining

 Soft Skills: 

  1. Have good communication
  2. Have Critical thinking
  3. Able to work individually or team
  4. Work in detail
  5. Have the acuteness of business
  6. Have an intuition about data
  7. Creative and innovative
  8. Have an excellent mathematical ability
  9. Discipline and able to solve the problems well

Software and Tools That Should be Mastered

  1. Hadoop
  2. SAS(Statistical Analysis System)
  3. Spark
  4. Pig
  5. R
  6. BI Tools
  7. Phyton
  9. DWH (Data warehouse)
  10. MongoDB
  11. MySQL
  12. Microsoft Excel
  13. SPSS

The General Requirements As a Data Scientist

To be a Data Scientist, you should master and understand well about the skills that you must have as we have mentioned before. You also should have the responsibility and high commitment while working and doing the task well. Besides, you must have an education background in IT and mathematical science or a relevant major.

Educational Background and Experiences

  1. Minimum Bachelor degree majoring in Informatics Engineering, Informatics Systems, Statistics, Mathematics or relevant major.
  2. Have experiences or internships in the related field.
  3. Have a minimum two years experience.
  4. Have experience in using and managing the database.

Available Position

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    Terms and Conditions

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    2. Education history, from high school to college;
    3. Work experience, including part-time jobs if any;
    4. Attach other documents that may increase your self-promotion value;
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