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cmlabs is a partner for several major universities in Indonesia, such as Brawijaya University, State University of Malang, and many more.

Find jobs that match your interests and talents. Feel free to discuss this with our HR Team via e-mail ( at any time.

Our Value

In Depth

Deep thought is a solid foundation for us for productivity and quality optimization.

Every activity, vision, and production stage needs to be processed with a deep thought process. We always pay attention to the details for optimal results on all fronts with a great team.

Data Driven

Acting using data as the basis for the creation of new optimal prospects.

All of our actions are not without reason. We act on data to make the right decisions. We must find new prospects for perfecting innovation.


We believe that every individual needs and has the right to continue to improve themselves every day.

We are people who are responsible for motivating, disciplining, and improving ourselves every day. There is no need to wait for what to do because learning is in our blood to keep growing better.

Analytical Thinking

Collaboration of data and innovation, we are ready to give birth to extraordinary thought products!

We are always absorbing and analyzing new information. We need to think based on data to explore the latest innovative opportunities.

Critical Thingking

Critical and sensitive to current conditions open up opportunities for contribution.

By thinking critically about the issues around us, we identify when and where there is a great need to contribute.

Ready To Join Our Team ?

Job Title Freelance Location
Senior SEO Specialist Not Available Malang
Senior SEO Specialist Available Jakarta (Not Available)
UI/UX Designer Not Available Malang
Marketing Not Available Malang
Junior Content Writer Not Available Malang
Senior Content Writer Available Malang
Senior Data Scientist Not Available Malang
Full-stack Developer Available Malang
Senior Project Manager Not Available Malang
Senior Web Developer Not Available Malang
SEO Strategist Not Available Malang
Data Analyst Not Available Malang
Human Resources (HR) Not Available Malang

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Before submitting your job application form, please check the following important things that must be included in your Curriculum Vitae :

  1. Personal information, including: full name, email, date of birth and address;
  2. Education details, from high school to college;Work experience, including part-time work if any;Attach other things that can enhance your self-promotion;
  3. For further information, please ask via email at
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