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Startup Incubators/Accelerators

Working with startup incubators or accelerators can provide young businesses with the tools and know...
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Technology Consultants

Partnering with technology consultants allows us to integrate SEO seamlessly with other technologica...
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Web Dev Company

Web Developer has an essential role in digital business development. As a web development company, S...
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Partnership Type

White/Non-white Label SEO


We grant exclusive partnership rights to your company for the provision of SEO services to your important clients. We furnish a dedicated and distinct backend team to support your company's SEO endeavors, thereby allowing you to concentrate on strategic decision-making without diversion.

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Digital Agency Partnership

FOR Digital Marketing Partners

As an indispensable partner, cmlabs assists digital agencies by furnishing unique selling propositions, particularly in the realm of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Digital Agency Partnership Illustration

Official Training Partnership

for Corporate / Individual Training Partner

In service of SEO professionals, we facilitate continual corporate-level collaboration to deliver training and assistance, ensuring that the provided training activities attain an elevated level of professionalism that aligns harmoniously with society's demands.

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Affiliate Program

for Bizdev Person

We recognize the presence of highly skilled individuals in specific fields. Therefore, we are introducing an affiliate program for marketers and individuals with strong networks, who can work independently and consistently generate profits, even without being employed by a company. The program offers a diverse range of compensation structures, including commissions of up to 7%. For instance, if the project value is Rp500 million, your remuneration will be Rp35 million.

Affiliate Program Illustration

Backlink Partnership

for Media & Blogger

Exclusively within the Indonesian market! We possess an extensive database encompassing bloggers and media entities spanning the entirety of the nation. This repository has been strictly refined and categorized according to specific regions and media classifications. Media outlets and bloggers who opt to grant cmlabs exclusive rights to manage their media and SEO activities shall bestow upon our collaboration.

Backlink Partnership Illustration

School / Academic Partnership

FOR Academic Curriculum Standard

Under dynamic collaboration with reputable universities in Indonesia, we have achieved the commendable outcome of facilitating the validation and alignment of academic curricula from institutions with the prevalent exigencies of the industry.

School / Academic Partnership Illustration

Join as a Contributor

For Content Writers cross the world

Great opportunity for SEO Writers around the world. T&C applied!

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Trusted by various niches companies

Whether your business is early in its journey or well on its way to digital transformation, cmlabs will help you solve your toughest marketing challenges. Capture who search your product in Google precisely!


Health Care

IT & Hosting








We're here to answer your questions

Explore our FAQ section to discover responses to any inquiries you may have about exclusive partnership privileges and the array of SEO services we provide!

Our SEO work is delivered with an in-depth approach, where we are highly concerned about the details, data-driven, and deep analysis. We are focusing our work on the product/service side, the business side, competitors, trends, and the technical side. Every SEO recommendation and best practice is based on your business standards and SEO guidelines.

cmlabs welcomes all business niches and company sizes. Having the willingness to sell the product online effortlessly, is one of the best strategies that a business owner can do. With SEO, you are able to receive repetitive conversions without costing you too much. SEO is designed to give you a sustainable position on SERP. You can ask our marketing team about the details.

We have SEO Content Writing, Content Marketing, Backlink to National Media, and Backlink that will complement your SEO needs. High-quality content will always give a lot of traffic but first, it needs to be supported by well-planned content production. Aside from that, the Content Marketing package aimed to increase a good reputation and gain the trustworthiness of a brand. We implement online publishers' price lists transparently.

We highly recommend you prevent SEO grey areas. Because if the backlinks that we utilize are low-quality ones, some problems will occur and cause the domain ranking to decrease. We are certain that great quality of content and the lack of technical issues will overcome high-quality backlinks eventually, e.g reputable online media, online forum articles, and blogs are written by Key Opinion Leader. But if you happen to need off-page SEO too, we will be glad to assist you with the next level plans.

We recommend you use paid Backlinks services on reputable online media in Indonesia and in our side project websites, with terms and conditions applied. A backlink is a grey area for cmlabs. We suggest you be aware of the risk of enabling Backlinks. Backlinks have the potential to decrease your website score from Google’s perspective. A high-quality website (SEO-friendly) will overcome high quality Backlinks automatically, where you can set it as “nofollow”. But, if you still need paid Backlinks service, yes, we are able to help and execute the best plan for you by following our Backlinks guidelines, contact us for more details.

Currently, the Content Marketing package is still limited to Indonesian enterprises and startups. We hope that we can provide this service for the global market in the near future.

Of course, we can. We will be happy to meet your awesome team in person to discuss further about your needs. A proper direct meeting will improve our engagement as a client and SEO provider. Also, we think it will be best for us to exchange ideas and expand our areas of collaboration to find mutually beneficial.

On a Content Marketing package, we sort and define the page visits based on our latest collaboration with each media, we do not involve third parties to measure the page visits. Furthermore, we will support the article released with SEO, so we can have higher traffic resulting from Content Marketing that exceeds the expectations we agreed on earlier. With SEO, the website authority can be escalated. Win the best result with cmlabs’ Content Marketing

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